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Without a doubt, a college degree opens up lucrative career opportunities. To be college-ready, the groundwork needs to begin at school. Cultivating certain habits and disciplines at a younger age can help students get a head start. Here then, are a few processes that will ensure college readiness for school students.


  1. Time Management:

Scheduling is the process of allotting certain times for certain tasks. Whether it’s schoolwork, playtime, television, or even a do-what-you-like time, scheduling ensures clarity. Students know what they need to do and at what times without being instructed every day. They become more independent, better time managers, helping them to be ready for the more demanding college schedules.


  1. Personalized Mentor:

Schools try their best to provide a level playing field so far as teaching goes. But it’s nigh impossible in a group of 30 or so, all of whom have different learning speeds, abilities, and interests. Moreover, different students learn more effectively when taught in a certain way. Personal tutors, once the privilege of the wealthy, are now available online, one-on-one, at affordable prices. Research also shows that children who enjoy the benefit of a personalized tutor and mentor significantly outperform their peers.


  1. Prepping for Standardized Tests:

Once students have decided on their career path, they can prep for Standardized Tests like the SAT and the ACT which test a high school student’s Math and English skills. Better SAT and ACT scores usually mean better undergraduate colleges. Reaching out for test prep help gives students the guidance and confidence to do well. The PSAT is one way to simulate the SAT. Scoring a 3+ on AP exams too is an advantage towards college admissions. Other than that answering the AP exam in a particular subject gives some exposure to the subject that the student will study during her under graduation course.

Primary and Middle School students have plenty of options these days as far as tests are concerned. The OLSAT, NNAT, STAAR, SCAT and others get the student ready for the competitive challenges of college and beyond. . The ISEE and SSAT are admission tests for private schools mainly in the US and Canada. Test-taking also helps the student stretch their knowledge bank beyond school. Students are encouraged into thinking creatively, critically, and laterally hence expanding their horizons… This fortifies strategic thinking and awareness to face and conquer problem situations.


  1. Groupthink:

Beyond academics, group dynamics are an extremely important skill. Students must develop tact and confidence to be able to get the best out of the group they are a part of. This involves cultivating and maintaining a strong academic peer group. A group that will help each other out. Needless to say, better students will generally tend to congregate together, providing better opportunities for one another. Thus, the importance of excelling in academics through school helps in group dynamics at the college level as well. Of course, it does wonders for your confidence too!


  1. Career awareness:

It goes without saying that people who make a career out of what they are good at, usually turn out much happier, content, and successful. That’s why care must be taken to ensure that the student is aware of the kinds of lucrative careers associated with their interests. This way they can prepare in advance and be well placed to go to a suitable college or university.  There are professional career counsellors too, should you want to seek professional advice. These days, due to the internet boom, there are many, many more career options for students. Far more than the previous generations. Most people view a career as a 9-5 office job. Definitely not the case now, as timings and workplaces are much more fluid these days.

In conclusion, the preparedness for college starts many years earlier and as the old adage goes “Well begun is half done”!                      

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