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Step Up Your Learning With Personalized Enrichment Programs!

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eTutorWorld has come up with Enrichment Programs that can provide the extra stimulus and zeal in exciting you as a student. And especially if daily lessons in Math, Science and English don’t interest you at all. The reason for this disinterest is not lack of intelligence or lethargy setting in! Instead, your student may be way ahead of other students. Simply waiting for others to catch up and then progress to the next chapter makes them bored stiff.

What is an Enrichment Program?

An Enrichment Program is a specialized and carefully crafted program for students who are gifted and talented. These subject specific programs enable students to remain interested and engaged by providing them with challenges and stimulation according to your child’s skills. Enrichment programs are designed to help students develop new skills and enhance their learning capabilities without feeling the constraints of routine school activities.

What will my child do and learn in eTutorWorld’s Enrichment Programs?

These enrichment programs have been carefully formulated to meet the needs of regular and talented students. Your child will therefore remain engaged with a host of subject-specific interesting lessons. These online programs are student centric, hence allowing each student to learn a topic of her choice, at her convenient date and time and at her own pace. Students prepping for various Standardized Tests like AP exams, SAT, SCAT, SSAT and more can also benefit from Enrichment Programs. Students can take as many courses at a time as they wish.


  • Pre Algebra
  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 2
  • Geometry
  • Pre Calculus
  • Calculus


  • Integrated Science
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology


  • Reading
  • Creative Writing
  • Essay Writing
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary

     Test Prep

  • SCAT
  • SSAT
  • AP Exams
  • SAT
  • ACT
  • ISEE
  • CogAT

Come to us with your academic goals and we shall chalk out a specific enrichment program for your child based on her skills and schedule. Give wings to your dreams and discuss the concepts that you are keen for your child to learn.

Look out for the appropriate assessment that will help us diagnose your child’s academic skills. And if you can’t identify the right one, call us. +1 269 763 4602

Free Enrichment Worksheets (pdf downloads)

Personalized Enrichment Courses Online

To start with, your tutor will diagnose your skills in the subject or standardized test that you choose. Based on the evaluation, and the opportunity you choose, tutors then suggest the topics and propose a schedule. However, each student is free to pursue the course based on their requirement. We take it on ourselves to assist the student closely and help her meet every challenge effectively. One –on- one lessons enable every student to master the chosen subject while following a well crafted learning path. An end-of-course test evaluates the student’s assimilation of the subject and if student’s skills are now aligned to her requirements.

Are you a good fit for eTutorWorld’s Enrichment Program?

You are sure to benefit from the program if any of the following:

  • You are unable to keep up the level of attention required in the classroom
  • You are able to grasp concepts readily and more quickly than your peers
  • You get impatient and irritated when your classmates cannot match your speed
  • You finish your work and move on to the next chapter before the teacher begins to explain it
  • Your grades are good but school fails to interest you anymore

We offer enrichment courses for Math, English and Science. You are welcome to take a diagnostic assessment test for free by downloading the subject worksheet and submit the solved sheet to us via email (contact@etutorworld.com)

Schedule a free trial session and have fun with interactive learning and personalized tutoring.

How will eTutorWorld’s Enrichment Program help my child?

Online enrichment programs will help your child become interested and enthusiastic about learning again. She will thus stay focussed and learn the subjects thoroughly. During online sessions, tutors encourage their students to remain curious and ask as many questions. There is no sense of competition as the student gets the tutor’s individualized attention. All sessions are recorded and made available for a month, so you and your child can review topics taught.

Benefits of eTutorWorld’s enrichment programs

  • Find the answers to the questions that bothered you before and experience an increase in self confidence
  • Fine tune your studying abilities and learn how to study smartly with the help of time management while preparing for a test
  • Rekindle your interest in learning the chosen subject
  • Learn at your own pace and at your own convenience
  • Get a head start in academics by enrolling in our enrichment programs. We hope to see you for the next session but only after you have cleared the level and progressed to the next.
  • Get in touch with our representative to learn more…
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