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2nd Grade Online Tutoring

Our 2nd Grade Expert Tutors help you in building a Strong Foundation and Master the Concepts of Math, Science & English.

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Reading while in second Grade is something of an achievement for young students who have just started to relax in a formal environment of structured learning.  The play school-like atmosphere gradually vanishes while your child develops a number of skills including reading for grade 2. Writing is practiced more often than not, while 2nd Grade math interests many 2nd graders and turns them into budding mathematicians.

However, you may not be able to spare the time for your helping your child learn at home. No worries! etutorworld is there to help you out. You are welcome to get introduced to an expert tutor for Grade 2 and understand how the student will thrive in her class by obtaining the right guidance.

You do not have to be anxious about the young child having to learn in an alien classroom far from the comfort of her home either. On the contrary, it is the 2nd Grade tutor who will arrive to provide the required coaching albeit virtually. However, she will be able to find a friend in the process and progress in class steadily.

Our tutors are concerned about the emotional wellbeing of their students and sensitive about not pressurizing the children. However, you will be pleased to find the students begin to enjoy their lessons as all doubts are cleared by the tutor who is also their mentor. The homework gets done each day as they practice their new found skills under the tutor who is there to provide assistance as and when needed.

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Here’s a brief summary of fundamental concepts included in our 2nd-grade tutoring program.


Standard Common Core Area Topic
Math.CC.2.G.A.1 Geometry Naming shapes
Math.CC.2.G.A.2 Filling rectangles with same-sized squares
Math.CC.2.G.A.3 Equal parts of circles and rectangles
Math.CC.2.MD.A.1 Measurement and Data Measuring lengths
Math.CC.2.MD.A.2 Measuring lengths with different units
Math.CC.2.MD.A.3 Estimating lengths
Math.CC.2.MD.A.4 Comparing lengths
Math.CC.2.MD.B.5 Length word problems
Math.CC.2.MD.B.6 Adding and subtracting on the number line word problems
Math.CC.2.MD.C.7 Telling time without labels
Telling time with a labeled clock
Math.CC.2.MD.C.8 Counting money (U.S.)
Math.CC.2.MD.D.9 Making line plots, bar graphs, and picture graphs
Math.CC.2.MD.D.10 Solving problems with picture graphs
Solving problems with bar graphs
Solving problems with line plots
Math.CC.2.NBT.A.1 Number and Operations in Base Ten Hundreds, tens, and ones
Math.CC.2.NBT.A.2 Skip-counting by 100s
Counting money (U.S.)
Skip-counting by 5s
Skip-counting by 10s
Math.CC.2.NBT.A.3 Three-digit place value challenge
Math.CC.2.NBT.A.4 Comparing three-digit numbers
Regrouping when subtracting one-digit numbers
Math.CC.2.NBT.B.5 Subtraction within 20
Subtracting 1s or 10s (no regrouping)
Adding two-digit numbers by making tens
Subtracting two-digit numbers (no regrouping)
Subtracting 1 or 10
Subtraction within 100
Adding two-digit numbers by making tens 2
Addition within 100
Math.CC.2.NBT.B.6 Place value and properties of operations to add and subtract
Math.CC.2.NBT.B.7 Adding 10s and 100s (no regrouping)
Adding and subtracting using a number line
Breaking apart three-digit addition problems
Select strategies for adding within 100
Subtracting 10s and 100s (no regrouping)
Subtracting two- and three-digit numbers (no regrouping)
Adding two- and three-digit numbers (no regrouping)
Adding and subtracting within 1000 using a number line
Math.CC.2.NBT.B.8 Mentally add 10 or 100 to a given number
Math.CC.2.NBT.B.9 Strategies of addition and subtraction
Math.CC.2.OA.A.1 Operations and Algebraic Thinking Word problems within 100 with “more” and “fewer”
Addition and subtraction within 100 word problems
Length word problems
Addition and subtraction within 100 word problems
Comparing lengths
Solving problems with picture graphs
Find the missing number (addition and subtraction within 100)
Word problems within 100 with “more” and “fewer”
Math.CC.2.OA.B.2 Add and subtract within 20
Math.CC.2.OA.C.3 Properties of operations
Math.CC.2.OA.C.4 Repeated addition
PHYSICAL SCIENCES MS-PS1 Matter and its interactions
MS-PS1.B Chemical Reactions Basics of Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry
Acids, Bases and pH
Compounds and Mixtures
MS-PS1-6 Types of Chemical Reactions
Catalysts and Enzymes
MS-PS3.A Definitions of Energy Fundamental interactions of matter and energy
Energy Transformations
Heat and Electromagnetic Energy
Laws of Thermodynamics
MS-PS4.B Waves and their applications
Electromagnetic Radiation
LIFE SCIENCES MS-LS1.A Structure and Function Cell Organelles and their Functions
MS-LS1.B Growth and Development of Organisms How do living systems live?
Life Cycle of Living Things
MS-LS1.D Information Processing Animal Behavior
MS-LS1.D Information Processing The Nervous System
The Endocrine System
MS-LS3.D Energy in Chemical Processes and Everyday Life Cellular Respiration
How Living Organisms are Classified
MS-LS4.A Evidence of Common Ancestry and Diversity The Evolutionary Theory
Heredity and its molecular basis
MS-LS2.D Biodiversity and Humans Relationship between Science, Technology and Society
MS-ETS1.B Developing Possible Solutions Health and Safety
MS-LS2.C Ecosystem Dynamics, Functioning and Resilience Population Growth
MS-LS4.D Biodiversity and Humans Effect of Natural and Human Influenced Hazards
MS-ETS1.B Developing Possible Solutions Judicious use of Natural Resouces
EARTH SCIENCE MS-ESS1.A The Universe and its stars Unveiling the mystery behind the physical universe
Earth and Human Activity Global Climate Change
Sustainable Development


GRADE 2 – COMMON CORE STANDARD Common Core Standard (Expectations)
Conventions of Standard English: Collective nous and usage
irregular plural nouns
Reflexive pronouns- usage
Irregular verbs – past tense
Adjectives and adverbs-Modifications and Usage
Simple and compound sentences
Capitaliization-holidays, product names, and geographic names.
Use commas in greetings and closings of letters.
Use of apostrophe in contractions and possessive.
Spelling patterns
Reference materials- Dictionary usage
Knowledge of Language: Compare formal and informal uses of English
Vocabulary Acquisition and Use: Vocabulary strategies – affixes, compound words

Usage of glossaries and dictionaries

Reading: Literature

Key Ideas and Details:

-Questions and answers to understand key details
-Retell the summary of the story with its moral
Description of the characters of the story
Language choice and its impact
-Structure of the story

– Difference in point of view of characters

Use of Digital aids and illustrations to make predictions during reading
Comparison of the narrative elements of the same story but different versions.
Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity: Adopting comprehension strategies

Reading: Informational Text
Key ideas and Details
Asking questions, using information and cite evidence; summarizing the main idea of a text
Craft and Structure: Identifying the main topic and establishing a connection link
Using vocabulary startegies to find the meanings of words
Significance of text features; purpose of a text
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas: -Role of images in clarifying texts; resons to support text

-Compare and Contrast texts on the same topic

Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity: Using comprehension strategies to understand a given text
Reading: Foundational Skills

Phonics and Word Recognition:

– Grade level phonics and word analysis

– Long and short vowels

– Spelling sound correspondences

– Two syllabled words

– Prefixes and suffixes

– Irregular spelt words

Fluency -Reading orally

-Context clues

-Read and comprehend


Text types and Purposes
Research to Build and Present Knowledge:

Opinion writing

Expository writing

Narrative writing

Shared research and writing projects

Speaking and Listening
Comprehension and Collaboration:
Rules to participate and build a discussion

Retelling main idea

Descriptive details of a text

Adding visual aids

Creating audio recordings


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Every online tutoring session has 50 to 55 minutes of teaching time.

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Test Prep Help

Do you believe that your child is gifted and needs to advance in school? Find out her abilities by contacting etutorworld.  Our elementary level online tutor will make sure to provide test prep help Grade 2 with the entire syllabus being revised. No! The student will not have to cram the lessons either! Instead, she gets to spend an enjoyable time with a qualified live tutor while prepping for the upcoming exam.


Your child will have to take Level 8 test that is deemed to be apt for CogAT 2nd grade


Elementary SCAT  Test is meant for children of Grade 2 & 3 where their vocabulary and Math skills are tested.


Elementary Level SSAT This is a standardized test for gaining admission in any of the 900 prestigious private schools located across the nation and Canada.


It was my first experience with an online tutor for my child. During this pandemic it was basically the only way to go. I made the best choice when I choose etutorworld. The tutor was awesome and patient with her and he provided her with ways to study. I will recommend etutorworld to anyone that is seeking to adhere to social distancing and even for future studies. GREAT JOB!!

Aleksey Gaziev

Very good structure and flow of the sessions, materials used are also good - overall very positive experience.

Veronica S Lennon

Excellent quality and service from both an academic and as admin point of view!

Shaivi Shah

Kind, well qualified and very responsible teacher. Would like to try other subjects and want to have my second child tutored. Great value, too.

Leah Dixon

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