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CogAT Test Grade 1 Practice Tests and Test Prep

CogAT Form 7 – Level 7

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CogAT stands for Cognitive Abilities Test. It is an above-grade test that helps children get into appropriate gifted programs at school. It also helps them find grade and skill-specific academic help right from kindergarten.

CogAT test has 3 test sections at all levels and it’s a group administered test that the school may prescribe or parents can request for it. eTutorWorld offers 1st grade CogAT test prep and worksheets. It has team of experienced CogAT tutors who prepare a child for top score through customized CogAT lessons and premium quality resources.

CogAT Sample Questions

Verbal Battery

Directions: Following each problem, there are multiple suggested answers. Select the appropriate answer from the given choices.

1. Verbal Analogy

From pictures A, B and C select the picture that would best replace the question mark by following the same relationship between the top 2 pictures?


Figure C

Both the pair words are homonyms- Bat : bat :: letter : letter

2. Sentence completion

Which of the given animal is NOT a land animal?


Figure C

3.Verbal Classification

From pictures A, B and C select the picture of the animal that is most similar to the three pictures given above.


Figure B

All the animals are reptiles and turtle is also a reptile.

4. Number Analogies

From pictures A, B, and C select the picture that would best replace the question mark by following the same relationship between the top 2 pictures.



5. Number Puzzle

Out of the three given options A, B and C- which one should replace the ? symbol so that the number of black dots on the truck wagon on the left is equal to the sum of the number of black dots on the truck wagons on the right?

Figure B

Both the sides will be equivalent to 9 so, 9-5=4/2=2

6. Number Series

Which number rod represented by A, B, C and D comes next in the series in the abacus given above?

Figure A

Series – 2,2,1,1,3,3

7. Figure Matrics

Look at the figures on top. They are related to each other in a certain way. Now look at the figure on the bottom. From pictures A, B and C select the picture that belongs in the empty box so that the figures on the bottom will be related to each other in the same way as the figures on top.

Figure A

All the circles should be touching the borderline and they should not be inside the rectangle.

8. Paper Folding

If you fold a paper along the dotted line, then cut/punch it as shown and then unfold it, what will you get? Choose the correct option for the answer from A, B, C & D.


Figure D

9. Figure Classification

Look at the figures on top. They are alike in some way and so they belong together. Choose one figure from the given options A, B and C from the bottom row that belongs with the figures on top.

Figure A

All the shapes are cubes

About CogAT Test Grade 1

CogAT Test Grade 1 is the level 7 of the test. Your child needs to fill the form 7 to take the test relevant to the age. This test has 3 sections and the test duration is 112 minutes.

What is in the CogAT 1st Grade?

CogAT 1st grade has 3 sections and each of them has an individual score. The test has an overall score and percentile which are used to compare scores and make important academic decisions. The three sections are:

Verbal Reasoning

This sections tests grade 1 students for their language abilities. The topics covered in this segment include, verbal classification, sentence completion, verbal analogies, etc. The verbal section has MCQ’s (Multiple Choice Questions) and has 3 sub-tests with a total of 20 questions each.

Quantitative Reasoning

The quantitative reasoning section tests students’ abilities in quantitative and problem solving. It provides an insight into their skills in abstract reasoning. This section has 3 sub-tests with 25, 20 and 15 questions respectively. The topics covered in the quantitative-reasoning sections include quantitative relations, number series and equation building.

Non-Verbal Reasoning

The non-verbal reasoning section poses some of the most interesting questions. It has questions from Figure Classification, Figure Classification and Figure Analysis. Each sub-test has anywhere between 15-25 questions. This section is considered suitable for students who have limited competency in English, or difficulty in reading or who have limited opportunities. 

CogAT Test Online Tutoring Pricing

CogAT 1st Grade Tutors for your Child at eTutorWorld

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the CogAT Test?
CogAT is the cognitive abilities test that helps students get into gifted programs at school. This test is for students in grades K-12.
2. What is a good score for CogAT 1st Grade?
A CogAT score of 7 and above is considered a good score.
3. How do I prepare my child for CogAt 1st Grade Test?
CogAT is an above grade test that needs thorough preparation and practice. Your child needs guidance from CogAT experts and access to good quality worksheets. All of them are available at eTutorWorld, for all grades.
4. What does CogAT 1st grade scores mean to my child?
CogAT 1st grade score decides if your child can be a part of a gifted program at school or if he/she needs extra academic help in terms of enrichment classes.


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