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Vedic Maths

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Online Vedic Maths Course

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If you thought ‘0’ is India’s only contribution to mathematics, you are wrong! The country has also given us Vedic Maths which is a set of techniques (Sutras in Sanskrit) to simplify mathematical calculations. Vedic Maths can effectively remove math fear from little minds and make learning fun.

Vedic Maths is capable of transforming complexities into magic. It can help you multiply two numbers (any size) mentally, without using a pen and paper. Not just that, it can also help you with complex calculations like finding the cube root of a 5-digit number, again mentally, without pen and paper.

Experience the magic of numbers with Vedic Maths Course at eTutorWorld and ace Standardized Tests such as SAT, STAAR, and AP. Register Now for the Online Vedic Maths Course. 

Benefits of Vedic Maths Course

  • End of memorizing formulas
  • In-depth understanding of concepts
  • No long-drawn calculations
  • Quick answers even for big numbers
  • Improves analytical thinking
  • Insight into Ancient Indian Mathematics
  • Good performance in admission tests and scholarships assessments

About the Vedic Maths Course

eTutorWorld offers Online Vedic Maths Course for students in Grades 5 (age – 10 years) and above. The Vedic Maths Course is the Level 1 of Vedic Maths and is a basic course aimed at developing concentration, memory, speed, and most importantly confidence in the subject. Online Vedic Maths Course will be taught by subject matter experts through live and interactive sessions.

Vedic Maths Online Course will cover topics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, cube roots, equations, proportions, fractions, and more. This summer, register for this course to learn from expert Vedic Maths tutors to improve your grades at school and ace standardized tests.

Online Vedic Maths Course – Age 10 – Infinity

This course is open to everyone above the age of 10. So, if you are a businessperson, University graduate or a homemaker looking for some help with numbers, you are most welcome to enroll. eTutorWorld will give you a different perspective on numbers. Please note that we will have separate batches for children and adults.

Course Schedule

Vedic Maths Level 1 is a 10 hours course. These hours will be spread across 5 weeks with 2 sessions of 60 minutes per week. This is an online course, so students can take it from anywhere.

Session Topics
Day 1
  • Introduction to Vedic Maths
  • Ten Point Circle
  • Completing the whole by addition and by subtraction
  • All from 9 and the last from 10
  • Money
  • Day 2
  • The Nine point circle
  • Digit sums
  • Multiplication
  • Doubling and halving
  • Day 3
  • Extending your tables
  • Base multiplication
  • Multiplication by number splitting
  • Day 4
  • Special multiplication
  • Multiplying by splitting
  • Squaring numbers that end in 5
  • Square roots of perfect squares
  • Day 5
  • Duplex method
  • Number splitting
  • Day 6
  • Square
  • Square root
  • Cube
  • Cube root
  • Day 7
  • Division
  • Divisor below base number
  • Day 8
  • Divisor above base number
  • Division by number splitting
  • Day 9
  • Fractions
  • Vertically and cross wise
  • Comparing fractions
  • Day 10
  • Equations
  • One step equations
  • Two step equations
  • View a sample session on Vedic Maths

    Benefits of Learning Vedic Maths at eTutorWorld

    • eTutorWorld combines the effectiveness of traditional learning with the latest technology.
    • Interactive sessions with ample time allotted for doubts and questions.
    • A structured curriculum developed by highly respected tutors.
    • Focus on milestone learning rather than traditional open-ended learning.
    • Virtual class recordings for missed sessions or weekend revisions.
    • Relaxed learning at chosen timing, including evening hours and weekends.
    • Regular assessments, grading, and Course Certificate by eTutorWorld.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What resources do I need for the sessions?
    To attend the class, foremost you will need a laptop or phone and a good internet connection. We recommend that you bring a pencil and notebook to the session to note down important points and tricks. eTutorWorld will provide all the resources such as worksheets, course material, session recording, etc. on its platform.
    2. Who can take this course?

    This course is for everyone aged 10 years and above. Vedic Maths course online can be helpful for everyone right from the students to homemakers to math teachers.

    3. What will I learn in this course?
    Vedic Maths Level 1 is a basic level course. It covers topics such as addition, subtraction, fractions, equations, square root, cube root and so many more.
    4. Why should I take this course?
    You should take this course to set aside your fear of math. Vedic Maths Course will introduce you to the magic of numbers and will make you confident with numbers by improving your speed and accuracy. It also improves memory and analytical thinking abilities.
    5. Can I take this course with my regular subject tutoring?

    Yes, you can take learn Vedic Maths along with your subject tutoring. Vedic Maths is just a different perspective on regular calculations. It can help you improve your performance in school and ace test prep and competitive exams.

    6. Will I be able to use Vedic Maths Formulas in class?

    Yes, this 10 hour course will be completed before the schools reopen. So, we believe you will be ready to use the formulas and give prompt answers in your math class.

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