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Experiential Science Course

Experiential Science Summer Program

Experience the Magic of Experiential Science

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Science is exciting and it is loads of fun. This summer, perform easy and electrifying (literally!) experiments with experts, at home. Observe, reflect and learn with simple materials around you and discover how everything happens for a reason.

eTutorWorld and ThinkTac

eTutorWorld has collaborated with ThinkTac to bring you a hands-on science summer course, this year. The Experiential Science Program aims at inspiring children’s imagination to think out of the box and innovate while understanding the power of science and all the rules behind simple everyday processes.

This exciting course is for students of grade 3 to 8. It has 10 sessions of average 80 mins each, conducted by expert science instructors through ready-to-use experiment kits.

Course Topics

Junior Group (Grade 3 to 5)

Number of Sessions – 10
Number of Students in a Batch – 4 to 15

Life around us

Sl. No. Science Activity
1 Plant Life - Germination
2 Vegetative Propagation
3 Respiration - Anaerobic
4 Food Test - Starch

Science with paper

Sl. No. Science Activity
5 Mixture - Chromatography
6 Seed Dispersal Models
7 Goniometer Model
8 Box Pinhole Camera

Senior Group (Grade 6 – 8)

Number of Sessions – 10
Number of Students in a Batch – 4 to 15

Kitchen Chemistry

Sl. No. Science Activity
1 Acids & Bases - Turmeric Indicator
2 Matter - Evaporative Cooling
3 Fire Extinguisher Model
4 DIY Base (Membrane)

Fluids & Forces

Sl. No. Science Activity
5 Wave Turbine Model
6 Water Spray Model
7 Parachute Model
8 Wind Turbine Model

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Add on Benefits of Experiential Science Program

The Experiential Science Summer Program has profound benefits besides discovering scientific laws, rules and proofs. It also improves:

  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking
  • Scientific Approach
  • Planning
  • Problem Solving

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who will be teaching the course?

The Experiential Science Summer Program will be facilitated by Educators from ThinkTac, with a strong scientific background, using a scaffold approach. The Educators assess the current capabilities of the learner and provide just enough support to enable the learner to take the next step; building confidence and capability at each step.

2. Will the course help with school lessons?
This course has a unique curriculum that introduces children to the experimental aspect of science. It is different from the traditional school curriculum but helps students by improving their problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, and inquisitiveness.
3. Where will the learning happen?

The course will be conducted, end-to-end, on the eTutorWorld platform. ThinkTac tutors will be using eTutorWorld’s technical resources to impart lessons, assign homework and organize activities.

4. Will I get more time to learn a topic?

The Experiential Science Summer Program has a fixed course. And since it will be taught in a group set up with other students, the curriculum will be covered as planned. However, we plan to add more courses with more activities, as we go. Both eTutorWorld and ThinkTac will be happy to aid you in learning.

5. What are the learning resources that I will receive?

You will receive a “Science Kit” absolutely FREE, to ensure we make learning Science a fun based activity, delivered to your home.

6. Will I get a certificate for the course?

Yes, you will receive a course completion certificate after the 10 sessions of the course. This certificate will bear the name of both eTutorWorld and ThinkTac.

7. What if I miss a session?

In case you miss a session, you can ask for the recording to cover the lesson. You can also reach out to the tutor in case of doubts or queries.

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