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We are thrilled to announce 4 new summer courses under the Culture and Languages Segment at eTutorWorld. These courses are aimed at helping both children and adults learn more about Indian culture through structured courses. There will be separate batches for children and adults.

They have been designed by subject matter experts and will take you on a journey of Indian heritage in the form of language, math techniques, folktales, and more. Fill up the form on the page to register for a FREE Introductory Session.

Sarala Sanskrit

(age 8 to infinity)

Sarala Sanskrit is Level 1 of Spoken Sanskrit course offered by eTutorWorld. This course aims at helping students speak Sanskrit at a basic level with appropriate pronunciation. It is a well-designed spoken Sanskrit course, delivered by an experienced tutor while ensuring real time classroom experience.

Vedic Maths

(age 10 to infinity)

Vedic Maths is a set of techniques (Sutras in Sanskrit) that simplify mathematical calculations. It can effectively remove math fear from little minds and make learning fun. Vedic Maths Course can help you get top scores on standardized tests such as STAAR, SCAT, SAT, ACT, etc. It also improves concentration, memory, speed, and most importantly confidence in the subject.

Sarala Hindi

(age 8 to infinity)

Sarala Hindi is the basic level course aimed at helping you speak Hindi in 10 hours. This course has been designed by expert Hindi tutors and takes you through the nuances of Greetings, Gender, Relationships, Numbers, Tenses, Verbs, Animals, and more. The idea is to make you a confident Hindi speaker and by the end of this level, you will be able to converse in basic level Hindi.

Interactive Storytelling

(age group 5 to 12)

Storytelling is the art of communicating culture, morals, and knowledge through words. Experience storytelling at its best with eTutorWorld. This summer, let this special online storytelling course take your little ones to far-off lands while they learn about Indian traditions and grasp moral values.

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