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The SSAT Test is an admission test for independent or private schools for grades 3-11 students in the US. SSAT Is crucial for admission to private colleges. If you are looking for SSAT Tutoring at any level, be it Elementary Level, Middle Level, and Upper Level, then eTutorWorld is the right platform for your preparation. Here, you can begin your SSAT Test Prep Tutoring with the Industry leading SSAT Tutors in the comfort of your home.

Choose the Best SSAT Tutors and prepare for the SAT Test Prep Tutoring with convenience & flexibility at eTutorWorld. SSAT Tutoring at eTutorWorld is aligned with the latest SSAT curriculum & learning which is further provided by expert tutors. This helps you get a top score on SSAT Test. Get One on One SSAT Tutoring. Schedule a Free Session of SSAT Tutoring with Expert Tutors and caliber your skills in SSAT Math, Writing, Reading, and Verbal.

What is SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test)?

The Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) is admission test in independent schools for students in grades 3-11 in the US. The SSAT Test is administered by The Enrollment Management Association (EMA) to assess the students verbal, math, and reading skills. The SSAT Test helps students in grades 3–11 to get admission to private or independent schools. More than 700 independent schools in the US accept SSAT scores as part of their admission process.

There are three levels of the test: the Elementary Level, Middle Level, and Upper Level. At eTutorWorld, you can prepare for any three levels with SSAT Expert Tutors. Also, Practice SSAT Test Online for any levels. 

SSAT Tutoring

Elementary Level G3

For students currently in grade 3

SSAT Tutors

Elementary Level G4

For students currently in grade 4

SSAT Tutoring Online

Middle Level

For students currently in grades 5–7

SSAT Prep Tutoring

Upper Level

For students currently in grades 8–11

SSAT Test Dates 2022-23:

Here are the official SSAT Test Dates 2022-2023

SSAT Date Registration Deadline Late Registration Deadline
October 15, 2022 (Saturday) September 24, 2022 October 12, 2022
November 5, 2022 (Saturday) October 15, 2022 November 2, 2022
December 10, 2022 (Saturday) November 19, 2022 December 7, 2022
January 7, 2023 (Saturday) December 17, 2022 January 4, 2023
February 4, 2023 (Saturday) January 14, 2023 February 1, 2023

SSAT Private Tutoring

Students find it challenging to grasp the concepts in a classroom with other students. OneonOne SSAT Tutoring brings more attention to the students and furthermore helps in good scores. eTutorWorld’s SSAT Private Tutoring is provided by subject matter expert Tutors who have advanced knowledge in SSAT Test. Our SSAT tutors are friendly and equally responsible for the students progress. SSAT Private Tutoring at eTutorWorld is more focused and centralized with the latest SSAT CurriculumWhether looking for SSAT Tutors for Elementary, Middle or Upper SSAT Levels, then eTutorWorld is the best choice for PSAT Test Prep.

Personalized Online SSAT Prep Tutoring & SSAT Practice Test

If you want to study in a good private school, then taking the SSAT is the first step towards it. eTutorWorld’s SSAT test prep tutoring and practice test can help you get the required SSAT scores, be it SSAT Elementary Grade 3, SSAT Elementary Grade 4, SSAT Middle Level or the SSAT Upper Level.

FREE SSAT Sample Questions

SSAT Elementary (Grade 3)

  • Free
  • Total 27 Questions,
  • 12 Quantitative, 10 Verbal & 5 Reading

SSAT Elementary (Grade 4)

  • Free
  • Total 27 Questions,
  • 12 Quantitative, 10 Verbal & 5 Reading

SSAT Middle Level

  • Free
  • Total 27 Questions,
  • 12 Quantitative, 10 Verbal & 5 Reading

SSAT Upper Level

  • Free
  • Total 27 Questions,
  • 12 Quantitative, 10 Verbal & 5 Reading


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SSAT Test Levels:

SSAT Test has 3 levels; Elementary, Middle, and Upper Level. These levels are divided based on the grade to which students apply.


SSAT Level Current Grade Applying For
SSAT Elementary Level 3-4th Grades 4-5th Grades
SSAT Middle Level 5-7th Grades 6-8th Grades
SSAT Upper Level 8-11th Grades 9-12th Grades

SSAT Elementary Level:

  • SSAT Elementary Level Test is for the students currently in grades 3 & 4
  • SSAT Elementary Level Section: Math, Verbal, Reading, Writing, and Experimental
  • Duration of SSAT Elementary Level is 2 Hours & 05 Minutes (including 15 min breaks)
  • Number of Questions: 104-106 Question


SSAT Middle Level

  • SSAT Middle-Level Test is for students currently in grades 5 to 7
  • SSAT Middle-Level Sections: Math, Verbal, Writing, Reading, and Experimental
  • Duration of SSAT Middle: 3 Hours and 10 Minutes (including 20 min break)
  • Number of Questions: 167 Questions


SSAT Upper Level

  • SSAT Upper-Level Test is for students currently in grades 8 to 11
  • SSAT Upper-Level Sections: Math, Verbal, Writing, Reading, and Experimental
  • Duration of SSAT Middle: 3 Hours and 10 Minutes (including 20 min break)
  • Number of Questions: 167 Questions

SSAT Test Prep Tutoring

Make the most of your time and enroll for an SSAT prep tutoring program at eTutorWorld. Start today by taking a FREE Trial session with a live tutor – no obligation and no credit card details required to take an appointment.

Why SSAT Tutoring for SSAT Prep?

eTutorWorld’s SSAT test prep program can increase your SSAT scores. Here’s how we do it:

Step 1: Diagnose your SSAT Math, SSAT vocabulary and reading skills.

Step 2: Customize study plans and learning schedules to your individual requirements.

Step 3: Hand hold you to augment your math/quantitative, verbal, reading and writing skills depending on your abilities and test date.

Step 4: Prepare individualized SSAT Practice test and worksheets for you. Be it an SSAT Elementary math test, a SSAT practice test Middle level or an SSAT practice test Upper Level, every concept is taught and practised to perfection.

Step 5: Tips and Tricks from expert SSAT test prep tutors to max your SSAT scores.

At eTutorWorld, expert tutors provide regular SSAT practice to students. That also includes making a student familiar with the content, format, timing and scoring of the SSAT. Directed SSAT math practice and SSAT vocabulary enhancement during regular tutoring sessions help students gain confidence & score well in the SSAT exam.

Make that Dream School a Reality with eTutorWorld’s SSAT Tutoring!

SSAT Online Tutoring Pricing

Get Better SSAT Scores with eTutorWorld’s SSAT Tutoring Program

SSAT tutoring is essential for getting top scores in all the sections. You have to get the best scores in every segment, there’s no compromising there. eTutorWorld offers the best SSAT tutoring through its team of expert SSAT online tutors. Register today to learn with the SSAT expert tutors and give a huge boost to your career trajectory.

eTutorWorld helps the students get top scores on the SSAT Test through its SSAT Tutoring Course. With Flexibility, Convenient, and Personalized SSAT Tutoring Online, eTutorWorld is of the best choices for SSAT Test Prep Tutoring for students. On this platform, students get One to One & Private SSAT Tutoring along with access to curated, well-designed practice sheets.

eTutorWorld has a team of highly skilled SSAT Tutors who are available 24 X 7 for the students. With extensive knowledge of the SSAT test & history of helping students in achieving good scores, eTutorWorld’s SSAT Tutors are the best. Students can also take a free session with our SSAT Tutors before enrolling for the course.

Benefits of SSAT Tutoring with eTutorWorld

eTutorWorld offers premium SSAT Tutoring for all levels. We have a team of expert SSAT Tutors who design personalized lesson plans and after-class practice. When you choose eTutorWorld for SSAT Tutoring, you receive:


  • SSAT Diagnostic Test: Free diagnostic test for the students to evaluate their skills before establishing a curriculum. This helps in finding the knowledge gap the SSAT Tutors. The SSAT Tutor then designs a curriculum based on the knowledge of the students
  • Personalized & Interactive SSAT Tutoring: Your child’s curriculum is personalized to suit their academic requirements, with their skills and learning pace in mind. Live and 1:1 interactive SSAT Tutoring Sessions enable better learning among students
  • Affordable & Convenient Tutoring: eTutorWorld believes in delivering world-class Tutoring services to all students that are affordable to all. Every eTutorWorld’s SSAT tutoring session has 50 to 55 minutes of learning time.
  • Best SSAT Tutors: Each SSAT tutor has undergone over 400 hours of training and has the experience and subject matter expertise for SSAT Tutoring. You can easily access well-qualified SSAT tutors, who have great teaching experience.
  • SSAT Practice Test: Access Free & Premium SSAT Practice test & sample questions designed by the expert tutors. Our SSAT worksheets cement the topics and concepts learned during the ACT Tutoring sessions
  • 1:1 & Live SSAT Tutoring: Your child needs special attention for the SSAT Prep Tutoring Course. With 1:1 & Live SSAT Tutoring, your child can ask for any help or doubt with tutors
  • 24×7 Support: When you choose eTutorWorld, you get 24×7 online support through our mentioned number (+1 269 763 4602). Any query or questions can be resolved here easily in the comfort of your home.

More information on SSAT?

The SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) is a standardized admission test for the best independent schools worldwide. Over 900 private and independent schools in the United States, Canada, and worldwide consider SSAT scores for admission of students to their institutions.

To register for the SSAT, please visit www.ssat.org/test/registration

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is SSAT Test?

The SSAT Elementary Level is 1 Hour and 50 Minutes long with a 15-minute break. So, in total, it is 2 Hours and 5 Minutes long test. SSAT Middle Level and Upper Level Tests are 2 Hours and 55 Minutes long without the break. With Break, the duration is 3 Hours and 5 Minutes.

2. What is a good SSAT score?

For SSAT Upper-Level Test, scoring total scores in the range of 2150 and 2240 is good. This helps students in achieving the top 10% percentile. SSAT Tutors at eTutorWorld help students in getting top 10% percentile for the SSAT Test.

3. SSAT vs ISEE: Which test to take?

Both the ISEE and the SSAT are used for admission to private schools in the US. There is some difference in their test syllabus like ISEE is more inclined toward Math while SSAT is more about Verbal and Writing Skills. It is advisable to choose a test according to the testing preferences of the school you are applying to. If your chosen school accepts both ISEE and SSAT Tests, then you take any of them. But if your chosen school accepts only one test (ISEE or SSAT), then you should certainly take the prescribed one. eTutorWorld offers Tutoring for both tests i.e ISEE and SSAT Test Prep Tutoring.

4. How to prepare for SSAT Test?

You can prepare for the SSAT Test with eTutorWorld. Every SSAT Tutor at eTutorWorld has extensive Tutoring experience in Test Prep Tutoring. At eTutorWorld, every course is started with a ‘Diagnostic Test‘ that evaluates your skills before establishing a lesson plan. With Flexible, live, and One on One SSAT Tutoring and Liaises with the Best Technology, Personalized Lesson Plans, Session Recording, and Curated Worksheets, you can easily score top scores on the SSAT Test.

5. Where can I find all the details of the SSAT Test?

You can find all the relevant information related to SSAT Test on SSAT official Website: https://www.ssat.org/about/about-the-ssat. Here you will find the updated SSAT Test Dates, Registration Details, SSAT Testing Options, SSAT Scoring, etc.

6. Does eTutorWorld offer a Free Trial?

Yes, You can take a free trial and experience how SSAT Online Tutoring works at eTutorWorld.

SSAT Practice is the key to success!

Students need to practice regularly using SSAT Quantitative worksheetsSSAT Verbal Worksheets and SSAT Reading Comprehension Worksheets. These SSAT practice test questions are prepared keeping in mind the actual SSAT format. Click here to access the worksheets.

SSAT Tests are administered in two ways:

1. The Standard administration, that is given on eight designated Saturdays during the academic year at test sites around the world.

2. The Flex administration, which is an individual or group test administered on any date other than the eight Standard dates.

For more information, visit http://www.ssat.org/

Test names and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of them are affiliated with eTutorWorld Corporation.

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