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Online AP Tutoring program to get 4+ AP Scores.

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Preparing for AP Test but not able to find Good AP Tutors? eTutorWorld offers AP Tutoring to students preparing for AP Tests and enables them to get 4+ Scores. At eTutorWorld, you get the benefits of Personalized, Flexible, and Affordable AP Tutoring. You can easily connect with the Best AP Tutors at eTutorWorld from the comfort of your home. AP Online Tutoring Program at eTutorWorld is well designed to place you in the top percentile. You can schedule a Free Session of AP Tutoring with us.

Get better scores with eTutorWorld’s Online Tutoring for AP Exam

Advanced Placement (AP) exams can help you get admission to your favorite college. Your AP exam can give you a head start in college by introducing you to future topics in advance. Do you know some colleges may let you skip a semester or two if you have taken an AP exam in school? Why? Because you have already covered the curriculum of that semester in school.

AP exams are administered worldwide in May every year. You can choose AP courses out of 32 available subjects. Most colleges in the U.S. accept AP scores for college credit.

The choice of subject will depend on the courses you plan to study during your Under Graduate Program. If you want to study physics in college, you will need to take the AP Physics 1 exam. The same applies to the AP Biology exam and AP Chemistry exam.

Grab the eTutorWorld AP Online Tutoring Advantage

At eTutorWorld, you can connect with the Best AP Tutors. We have a team of expert and experienced AP subject tutors. They work with the best of technology and training to help students excel in AP exams of their choice.

We coach students through individualized learning sessions that students can take from the comfort of their homes. Comfort and safety are the biggest advantages of online tutoring services and when you combine that with innovative technology and a passion for education, you get extraordinary results.

Our AP exams tutoring program is designed to help students achieve greater success. We top-up the benefits of the tutoring program with practice exams such as the AP Calculus AB Practice exam that can give you the feel of the real exam and prepare you for the format and timing.

AP Exams and College Credits

Taking an AP Chemistry exam or AP Biology exam is necessary if you are looking forward to gliding through your college semesters. They can also help you earn college credit which in turn can help you skip the semester/year. This way, you do not only get a head start in college but you also save on your tuition fees and other expenses.

However, taking an AP exam is not compulsory for college admissions. All colleges do not consider AP exam scores at the time of admission. Some may have a different criterion. Furthermore, students can appear for AP exams in multiple subjects. So, you can take the AP Physics 1 exam and AP Chemistry exam simultaneously to boost your chances of getting into your favorite college.

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Pricing for AP Tutoring

AP Tutoring Course

AP Online Tutoring Course at eTutorWorld is provided by the Expert AP Tutors. This Course is started with diagnostic tests to check the students’ knowledge gap. Based on that, a personalized AP curriculum is designed by the tutors. Our AP Tutoring sessions are fully private (one-on-one) and live. eTutorWorld always in delivering world-class Tutoring services to all students that are affordable to all. Every AP tutoring session has 50 to 55 minutes of learning time. Moreover, we also offer the AP Practice tests Worksheets to cement the topics and concepts learned during the AP Tutoring sessions.

AP Exams Schedule 2022

Administration 1: May 3–7, 10–12, 14 & 17
Location: In School
Traditional, full-length paper and pencil exams, administered in school, for all subjects.

Administration 2: May 18–21, 24–28
Location: In School and At Home
Half of the subjects are paper and pencil, administered in school, and half are full-length digital exams, administered in school or taken at home due to coronavirus precautions.

Administration 3: June 1–4, 7–11
Location: In School and At Home
Most subjects are full-length digital exams only, administered in school or taken at home due to coronavirus precautions.

Benefits of AP Tutoring with eTutorWorld

eTutorWorld offers Premium AP Tutoring Tutoring Help. At eTutorWorld, you can find a team of AP Experts Tutors who design personalized lesson plans and after class-practice. When you choose eTutorWorld for AP Tutoring, you receive:


  • Free Diagnostic Test
  • Personalized AP Tutoring Lesson Plans
  • Interactive and One-to-one AP Tutoring Sessions
  • 24×7 Support of AP Experts Tutors
  • Session Recordings of AP Tutoring for Revision
  • Affordable & Convenient Online AP Tutoring
  • Flexible & Live AP Tutoring Benefits

No credit card is required, nor are you under any obligation to make a purchase. Just schedule the FREE TRIAL session to meet our expert tutor & get help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many AP Tests are there?

There are 38 subject programs in AP tests like Art, Languages, Humanities, History, Maths, etc. Some popular AP Tests are AP Calculus, AP Biology, AP Physics 1 & 2, AP Physics C, & AP Chemistry.

2. When is the AP Test administered?

AP Test is usually administered in the first two weeks of May every year by College Board. You can know about the exact dates at the College Board site.

3. How is the AP test scored?

AP Test scores range from 1 to 5. Scoring a 5 means Extremely Well Qualified while 1 means No recommendation. A score of more than 4 is good as most colleges accept students who score more than 4.

4. How long are AP tests?

AP Test time is between 1.5 hours and 3 hours. AP test courses have different lengths and timings. AP Biology is 3 hours while AP Physics C: Mechanics is 1 hour & 30 minutes. So time length depends upon which AP course you are taking.

5. Can you take an AP test twice?

Yes, you can retake the AP Test the next year. But retaking the AP test is expensive.

6. What is AP late testing?

AP Late testing is when you cannot take your AP exam on the prescribed date for some reason and would like to attempt it at a later time. It gives the students a second chance to take an AP exam.

7. How to get 4+ scores in AP test?

Some Colleges accept only students who get a 4+ score on AP tests. Scoring 4+ needs good preparation, knowing concepts clearly, and having good practice which can be provided by Expert AP Tutors. At eTutorWorld, you can find the Best AP Tutors who can help you in scoring 4+ scores. You can take a Free Session with our AP Tutors.

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