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AP Biology

AP Biology Tutoring

Find an AP Biology Tutor to score 3+ credits

AP Biology is a course designed for high school students who wish to take up biology in college that can be made easier with the help of an AP Biology tutor online. This introductory course guided by online AP Biology tutoring enables students to gain entry into college level biology courses. However, simply taking the AP course is not enough. One must also be prepared to take the AP Biology examination in order to gain the right credits. Students who score at least 3 become eligible to take up Biology in college. Both the course as well as the exams is offered by the College Board. The question pattern is standardized for students aspiring to learn Biology at an advanced level irrespective of the States they belong to.

AP Biology Online Tutoring

The entire course is based on the design introduced by Wiggins and McTighe and is in the form of a framework. This helps the students to have a clear idea of the necessities in order to prepare for the exam. The syllabus is organized into 8 specific units that include the main principles, theory and various processes required to substantiate a fact. The students are encouraged to study outside the classroom for developing an understanding of the subject. It is not too difficult to find an AP Biology tutor though.

Going through each unit is sure to help the student take the exam in stride. Have a look at how each topic weighs in when you take the examination. In short this will give you an idea about the course so that you do not have to wonder,” What’s in an AP Biology syllabus?”

AP Biology Topic Percentage of Qs Expected Multiple Choice Questions Free Response Questions Approx number of Sessions
Chemistry of Life 8% to 11% 20 2 10
Cell Structure and Function 10% to 13% 30 2 12
Cellular Energetics 12% to 16% 20 2 14
Cell Communication and Cell Cycle 10% to 15% 25 2 12
Heredity 8% to 11% 25 2 10
Gene Expression and Regulation 12% to 16% 25 2 14
Natural Selection 13% to 20% 40 2 16
Ecology 10%-15% 20 2 12

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Pricing for Online Tutoring

AP Biology Tutoring Course

AP Biology Tutoring Course at eTutorWorld is provided by the Expert AP Tutors. This Course is started with diagnostic tests to check the students’ knowledge gap. Based on that, a personalized AP Biology curriculum is designed by the tutors. Our AP Biology Tutoring sessions are fully private (one-on-one) and live. eTutorWorld always in delivering world-class Tutoring services to all students that are affordable to all. Every AP Biology Tutoring session has 50 to 55 minutes of learning time. Moreover, we also offer the AP Biology Worksheets to cement the topics and concepts learned during the Tutoring sessions. 

    Advantages of AP Biology Online Course

    You may want to consider an AP Biology tutor especially when you are eager to study biology in the future and dream of becoming a doctor, environmentalist or professor of life sciences. Sadly, spending a lot of time travelling to a tutor after school may tire you out and hence not help you prepare well. The best alternative would be to opt for online tutoring so that you get to enjoy:-

    • Meet the Challenges – An AP Biology online tutor will help you to look at the facts and understand the concepts clearly. If you have had difficulty in understanding genetics or a process earlier, you would be pleased to find the tutor explain it to you in a different way. The experienced online Biology tutors are sure to assist you by formulating strategies that will enable you to learn that much quicker. There will be no area left to conquer a result and you will be fully equipped to take the exam on the scheduled date.
    • Accountability – When you have a biology expert to help you out, you would like to be more accountable. Your course work would be completed well in advance consequently. You would also be eager to study harder as you want to get the best out of the session with your tutor. You also gain more confidence with each passing day especially when you finish covering a majority of the AP Biology course work before your classmates.
    • Personal Attention – You are not one of the students in a huge classroom anymore. Instead, you have the online AP Biology Tutoring remaining focused on your problems. This will help you to ask as many questions and get appropriate answers well and truly. You might even want to discuss the answers with the tutor and have your progress assessed so that you know how to take the examination without wasting a minute of the allotted time.
      You might want to consider eTutorWorld for finding an AP Biology Tutor Online in order to grasp the concepts and enhance the required skills. Besides, you can also get to add 5 credits based on your score.

    Still wondering? No worries! Schedule an AP Biology FREE TRIAL tutoring session right now and obtain help from our expert online tutors.

    Science Practice

    Simply going through books will not be sufficient, however. You must be aware of the concept and try to learn in a smart way instead of just cramming the content. It is essential to study and use the AP Biology practice tests thus perfecting the methods throughout the academic year instead of waiting until the last minute to begin studying for the upcoming exams. Obtain AP Biology homework help by contacting the best online tutors today. The best procedure for perfecting your skills is to think and act like a biologist. This is what you can do to make your hard work pay off :-


    • Be clear with concepts – Understand and learn concepts, processes, and common models by studying them multiple times and writing them down.
    • Analyze of visual representations/illustrations – Analyze each representation and label the diagrams perfectly for developing a proper understanding about the biological processes along with its purpose.
    • Question/Answer – Check out the scientific process and the concept behind it to determine the right and appropriate answers.
    • Description of various data – Representing a set of data graphically either by a chart or diagram will enable you to analyze the data properly and arrive at the right conclusion.
    • Tests for analyzing data – Simply knowing the concept is not enough though. You would also have to be aware of the standard tests and calculations required for proper analysis of the data. 
    • Justifying arguments –It is equally necessary to justify the arguments that you may make while describing a process. However, you must also be prepared to support your arguments with the help of evidence.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Is AP Biology difficult?

    AP Biology is one of the most difficult AP Tests. Less than 10% of students are able to get Perfect AP Scores i.e. 5 in AP Biology Exam. Even the Passing Rate of AP Biology (AP Scores more than 3) is less than other AP Courses tests. Students help by AP Biology Tutors to crack AP Biology and get perfect AP Biology Scores. eTutorWorld has Expert AP Bio Tutors who help students in getting good scores in AP Biology.

    How long is AP Biology Exam?

    The duration of the AP Biology Exam is 3 Hours long. AP Biology consists of two sections. Section 1 is Multiple Choice with 60 Questions, 1 hour 30 Minutes Long, and 50% of the Exam Score. Section 2 is Free Response with 6 Questions, 1 Hour and 30 Minutes Long, and 50% of the Exam Score.

    What do you learn in AP Biology?

    In AP Biology, Students learn the concepts of Cell Structure and Function, Heredity, Chemistry of Life, Ecology, Natural Selection, Cell Communication and Cell Cycle, Gene Expression and Regulation, and Cellular Energetics. AP Biology Tutors at eTutorWorld can help you in learning these concepts easily.

    Is AP Biology worth taking?

    Yes, AP Biology is worth taking. AP Biology needs a deep understanding of biology concepts. While students find it difficult to get AP Biology concepts. AP Biology Expert Tutors at eTutorWorld can help them out and ensure good scores. AP Biology Online Course is well designed to help students in scoring 4+ Scores in AP Biology.

    How to study for AP Biology?

    You need an effective AP Biology strategy to get top scores. To ace this subject, the first and foremost requirement is clear basics. You have to first go through the chapters that are easy to understand and carry high weightage and then move to the difficult ones. Revision the AP Biology concepts regularly is also very important. Students are advised to take the AP Biology Practice test as many times as possible. AP Biology Tutors at eTutorWorld can help you in preparing for AP Biology Exam. Our AP Biology Online Tutoring Course is well designed to achieve 4+ Scores in AP Biology.

    Where can I schedule an AP Biology Tutoring Session at eTutorWorld?

    You can schedule a Free AP Biology Tutoring Session with our AP Biology Tutors here. At eTutorWorld, you get Convenient, Flexible, and Affordable AP Biology Online Tutoring benefits.

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