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The ACT test is the key to your favorite college in the US. This test is so crucial that you cannot put off its preparation till the last minute. You must start the prep as soon as you register for the test and follow a hectic but well-designed timetable till the exam date. You cannot ACT with just the last-minute tricks. But yes, there are some things that you can do to ensure you perform well on D-day.

Here are some of the top last-minute ACT Test Tips from expert ACT tutors at eTutorWorld.

  1. Find your Weak Points and Work on Them

With just a few days left to go, you must focus on your weak points. You must have already found them in all your prep, but if you missed them somehow, now is the time to put the spotlight on the topics that you are not good at. You won’t be able to cover and learn much but you can surely pick up important tricks related to your weak topics. Visit them one by one, list down the tricks, and practice them.

  1. Practice the Strengths

Your strengths are what will put you at the top. So, when you sit down to work on your weaknesses, make time for your strengths also. Do not ignore this last-minute ACT prep tip so that you do not forget your strengths and are able to use them to the best of your abilities on the ACT test day.

  1. Focus on Improving your Speed

Competitive exams test your skills along with your speed. It is not enough to know everything if you cannot solve all the questions in time. Speed is crucial for top ACT scores and ironically it comes only with practice. So, we are back to square one, meaning points 1 and 2, and practice both your strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is as important as revision. Your mind needs that break to process all the information and store them in the right places so that you can retrieve all of it efficiently during the ACT test. Last-minute studying for the ACT or in fact any competitive test is stressful and a good night’s sleep is a must. Get into bed early after a hearty meal and simply snooze. Set an early morning alarm to revisit important ACT hints and tricks.

  1. Keep Extra Time for Everything

On the exam day, keep extra time for everything, right from, getting out of bed in the morning to checking your answers to the test. Plan your time with the help of alarms and reminders to be more efficient. Every time you hear your alarm, move out of bed or to the next section (whatever is up next).

  1. Sort Questions According to Difficulty

One of the very productive ACT cheats is to sort questions according to difficulty, right at the beginning of the test. This one step helps you tackle the easy, sure-shot ones before the tricky ones that may confuse you and eat up a huge chunk of your time. Remember to start with the easy ones and move towards the most difficult ones.

  1. Check your Answers

This last-minute ACT test prep tip is a no-brainer. You must check your answers before your finish the test. Revisit all the sections and check your answers. This step is important to avoid silly mistakes.

  1. Write Precise Answers

For the writing section, the best ACT test prep tip is to write precise answers. Avoid fillers in your essays and give to-the-point answers. Stick to the word limit while using simple, easy-to-understand words and phrases. Fancy is not the keyword for acing ACT.

  1. Cancel your Scores if you are not Happy

You can cancel your ACT scores if you believe there is some issue. It might be a tough decision for you, therefore, take advice from your ACT tutor and your parents before you make a decision. Please remember that you can re-take the ACT test, so, do not have to compromise your scores. You can better them and aim for the best colleges in the country.

  1. Retake the Test if Needed

You can take the ACT a total of 12 times. And the results are valid for 5 years from the test date. So, do you want to sit with a bad score? That won’t be a good idea. As already mentioned in the previous point, if you don’t like what you see, you can cancel your scores and retake the test on the next convenient test date. ACT is about college and your future, so the better the score better will be your future prospects.  

Last-Minute is Hectic but Important

Last-minute tips for ACT are crucial to finish off the prep. While they may not be enough to get top scores, they can definitely boost the scores because, with them, you will have smart tricks up your sleeves.

Register today for ACT Test Prep at eTutorWorld, to prepare for the test with expert tutors and learn all the tips and tricks needed to get into your favorite college.

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