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AP Physics C Tutor
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AP Physics C Tutoring

Learn AP Physics C Online with Expert Tutors to Score Required College Credits

AP Physics C is divided into two different parts. You could opt for taking both exams on the same day or take each part separately. Both courses are calculus based with AP Physics C: Mechanics being equivalent to a semester of College level Physics course. AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism is also similar to a semester of College Physics course that specializes in electricity & magnetism. All courses are offered by the “American College Board.” The exams are also conducted by the College Board with students being offered College credits after completing the test successfully.

AP Physics C Online Tutoring

Handling the pressure of attending regular school and studying for AP physics simultaneously can be challenging. It is best to enroll for online personalized tutoring sessions and ace the exam with the required score. Expert Physics tutors at eTutorWorld are knowledgeable about the topics included in each course and equipped to guide their students perfectly. Physics theories related to mechanics or electricity & magnetism are taught in an environment conducive to learning each concept that is explained clearly to the students. Each session also prepares the students for a hands-on laboratory experience in change, force interactions, fields, and conservation.

AP Physics C : Electricity and Magnetism

AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism framework is divided into 5 units consisting of one sequence. The tutors and school teachers have the flexibility to organize the units according to their convenience. Physics tutors of eTutorWorld  are qualified to teach Electricity and Magnetism to students who aspire  to take up Physics in College. Students can expect the following percentage of questions to be included from each unit when they appear for AP Physics C exam.

AP Physics Electricity and Magnetism Percentage of Qs Expected Multiple Choice Questions Free Response Questions Approx number of Sessions
Unit 1: Electrostatics 26%-34% 35 1 29
Unit 2: Conductors, Capacitors, Dielectrics 14%-17% 30 1 15
Unit 3: Electric Circuits 17%-23% 35 1 20
Unit 4: Magnetic Fields 17%-23% 30 1 20
Unit 5: Electromagnetism 14%-20% 25 1 16
The students must understand the core concepts of Electricity and Magnetism and develop a deep understanding of the theories involved. The practical applications through classroom studies and hands-on experiments conducted in laboratories are included in the course too.

Online tutors help their students learn the fundamentals and progress beyond the basics of Physics. Expert tutors instruct the students and guide them to make the required connections. This helps them to learn the entire subject according to the framework developed by the College Board. The course content for AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism consists of the following components

Unit 1: Electrostatics (Multiple-Choice: ~35 questions Free-Response: 1 question)

1.1 Electrostatics: Charge 1 and Coulomb’s Law 6
1.2 Electrostatics: Electric Field and Electric Potential
1.3 Electrostatics: Electric Potential Due to Point Charges and Uniform Fields
1.4 Electrostatics: Gauss’s Law 5
1.5 Electrostatics: Fields and Potentials of Other Charge Distributions

Unit 2: Conductors, Capacitors, Dielectrics (Multiple-Choice: ~30 questions Free-Response: 1 question)

2.1 Conductors,Capacitors, Dielectrics: Electrostatics with Conductors
2.2 Conductors,Capacitors, Dielectrics: Dielectrics

Unit 3: Electric Circuits (Multiple-Choice: ~35 questions Free-Response: 1 question)

3.1 Electric Circuits: Current and Resistance
3.2 Electric Circuits:Current, Resistance, and Power
3.3 Electric Currents:Steady-State Direct Current Circuits with Batteries and Resistors Only
3.4 Electrostatics: Gauss’s Law

Unit 4: Magnetic Fields (Multiple-Choice: ~30 questions Free-Response: 1 question)

4.1 Magnetic Fields: Forces on Moving Charges in  Magnetic Fields
4.2 Magnetic Fields: Forces on Current Carrying Wires in Magnetic Fields
4.3 Magnetic Fields: Fields of Long Current Carrying Wires
4.4 Magnetic Fields: Biot–Savart Law and Ampère’s Law

Unit 5: Electromagnetism (Multiple-Choice: ~25 questions Free-Response: 1 question)

5.1 Electromagnetism:Electromagnetic Induction (Including Faraday’s Law and Lenz’s Law)
5.2 Electromagnetism:Inductance (Including LR circuits)
5.3 Electromagnetism: Maxwell’s Equations

AP Physics C : Mechanics

The course work for AP Physics C: Mechanics is divided into 7 distinct units that form a sequence of the required topics. The teachers and tutors have the flexibility of arranging these units at convenience. You can understand the percentage of AP Physics exam questions expected from each unit by going through the table below

AP Physics Mechanics Percentage of Qs Expected Multiple Choice Questions Free Response Questions Approx number of Sessions
Unit 1: Kinematics 14%-20% 15 1 18
Unit 2: Newton’s Laws of Motion 17%-23% 25 1 20
Unit 3: Work, Energy, and Power 14%-17% 20 1 14
Unit 4: Systems of Particles and Linear Momentum 14%-17% 15 1 14
Unit 5: Rotation 17%-20% 20 1 18
Unit 6: Oscillations 6%-14% 10 1 8
Unit 7: Gravitation 6%-14% 10 1 8
Physics tutors at eTutorWorld are experts in principles and practical application of Mechanics. They are well equipped to guide you effectively by helping you with AP Test Prep.

Glance through the details of the course work and learn to understand the concepts of Mechanics using calculus.

Unit 1: Kinematics (Multiple-Choice: ~15 questions Free-Response: 1 question)

1.1 Kinematics: Motion in One Dimension
1.2 Kinematics: Motion in Two Dimensions

Unit 2: Newton’s Laws of Motion (Multiple-Choice: ~25 questions Free-Response: 1 question)

2.1 Newton’s Laws of Motion: First and  Second Law
2.2 Circular Motion
2.3 Newton’s Laws of Motion: Third Law

Unit 3: Work, Energy, and Power (Multiple-Choice: ~20 questions Free-Response: 1 question)

3.1 Work-Energy Theorem
3.2 Force and Potential Energy
3.3 Conservation of Energy
3.4 Power

Unit 4: Systems of Particles and Linear Momentum (Multiple-Choice: ~15 questions Free-Response: 1 question)

4.1 Center of Mass
4.2 Impulse and Momentum
4.3 Conservations of Linear Momentum, Collisions

Unit 5: Rotation (Multiple-Choice: ~20 questions Free-Response: 1 question)

5.1 Torque and Rotational Statics
5.2 Rotational Kinematics
5.3 Angular Momentum and Its Conservation

Unit 6: Oscillations (Multiple-Choice: ~10 questions Free-Response: 1 question)

6.1 Simple Harmonic Motion, Springs and Pendulums

Unit 7: Gravitation (Multiple-Choice: ~10 questions Free-Response: 1 question)

7.1 Gravitational Forces
7.2 Orbits of Planets and Satellites


AP Physics C is further divided into AP Physics Mechanics and AP Physics Electricity and Magnetism. You can opt to take one exam at a time. You can also decide to take both exams on the same day. A few schools offer an individual course for the duration of a semester.

Experts recommend aspirant engineers and students hoping to major in Physical sciences to take AP Physics C along with AP Calculus AB or BC.

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AP Physics C Tutoring Course

AP Physics C Tutoring Course at eTutorWorld is provided by the Expert AP Tutors. This Course is started with diagnostic tests to check the students’ knowledge gap. Based on that, a personalized AP Physics curriculum is designed by the tutors. Our AP Physics C Tutoring sessions are fully private (one-on-one) and live. eTutorWorld always in delivering world-class Tutoring services to all students that are affordable to all. Every AP Physics C tutoring session has 50 to 55 minutes of learning time. Moreover, we also offer the AP Physics C Worksheets to cement the topics and concepts learned during the Tutoring sessions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I take AP Physics C without prior knowledge of Physics?
Physics C is equivalent to a second year course in College. It is best to be prepared before taking the exam. You would also need to know Calculus in order to register for the course. Students who are enrolled in a calculus course are also eligible to take the AP Physics C course(s).
Does eTutorWorld provide assurance of acing the exam?
eTutorWorld’s team of expert  tutors include Physics teachers who are qualified and experienced in prepping students for the AP Physics exams. They can help you to study  the course thoroughly. You will be able to ask questions during one-to-one LIVE tutoring sessions. The better prepared you are, better will be your AP score!
What is the format of AP Physics Mechanics?
You have 45 minutes to answer 35 Multiple Choice questions included in Section 1. You will get an additional 45 minutes for answering 3 free response questions from Section 2. You may use a four-function, scientific /graphing calculator for answering both sections.
AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism?

45 minutes is allotted for answering 35 Multiple Choice questions of Section. Another 45 minutes is provided for answering 3 free response questions included in Section 2. The total time provided for taking the exam is 90 minutes. Students may use a four-function, graphing or scientific calculator during the exam

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