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Online Back to School Biology Tutors and Tutoring

Online Biology tutoring for Grades 8-12

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eTutorWorld’s online back to school biology program helps students of grades 8-12 understand life’s processes around them. During this program, expert online Biology tutors interact with you over a web conferencing app and shared whiteboard to make tutoring sessions fun and interactive. Students have acknowledged that learning from Biology Expert Tutors and doing regular Biology Online practice has helped them score top biology grades at school and beyond.

The below schedule has been designed for your Biology Back-to-School Program. However, it can be accustomed according to your availability, Biology skills and progress. Call/email us to talk to an academic counsellor and fix up your Online Biology Tutoring schedule.

Diagnostic Assessment & Evaluation

The Cell

    • Cell basics
    • Structure and Functions of Cell structures
    • Cell division

How Bodyworks?

    • Biomolecules
    • Homeostasis
    • Organ systems

Metabolic Processes

  • Photosynthesis
  • Respiration

Population & environment

  • Changes in Ecosystem
  • Environmental Factors
  • Population, Communities & Ecosystem


    • Evolution Basics/Terms
    • Theory of Evolution
    • Biodiversity


  • Reproduction
  • Genetics & Inherited Traits
  • DNA & RNA


  • Plants & Animal Classification
  • Binomial Nomenclature
  • Review/Practice
  • Evaluation

End-of-Course- Assessment




20 Tutoring Sessions Pack

Full coverage of any selected subject

Personalized live online tutoring

4 months validity




10 Tutoring Sessions Pack

Topics of your choice in a subject

Personalized live online tutoring

3 months validity

For many, Biology seems challenging with so many organic names and facts about innumerable living organisms and their structures. It becomes simple and interesting once the fundamental biology concepts are clearly understood. eTutorWorld’s Biology expert tutors have experience in handling students of all intellectual levels and abilities. They make sure that every student masters every Biology topic. They use the unique ‘Learning by Design’ teaching methodology to make sure that learning is comprehensive, literal and forever.

The Biology back to school online program starts with a diagnostic test to understand your understanding, strengths and areas for improvement. Based on the evaluation, biology tutors along with counselors plan your learning path during the biology program. During every personalized tutoring session of the program, you’ll meet a LIVE online tutor over a web conferencing software; over which you’ll be able to talk, chat and also share an interactive whiteboard, assignments and worksheets with your tutor. With just about 3-4 hours every week, you can master Biology to get-set for school after the 10 week summer break…its affordable  too!!

Every tutoring session of the program is followed by a stimulating Biology worksheet to reinforce concepts learnt. Finally an end-of-course biology assessment is taken to measure your Biology skills you gained during the course.

Attend a FREE online tutoring session to find out how eTutorWorld can help you improve your Biology Grades.

No credit card required, nor any obligation to purchase. Just schedule the FREE TRIAL lesson to meet a tutor & get help on any biology topic!

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