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STAAR stands for State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness. It is a standardized test that helps teachers and students identify learning strengths and weaknesses in an academic year. STAAR test is for students in grades 3-12 in the Texas state and is compulsory for all.

Students can take the STAAR test multiple times in an academic year to improve their scores. The testing dates are usually between December and June.

Purpose of the STAAR Test

STAAR test is used to assess a child’s grade level capabilities. It gives the educators an insight into a child’s knowledge in core subjects at a particular grade level and whether he/she is ready for the next grade. This test is scored individually and students are not compared with others to understand their capabilities.

STAAR Test Format by Grade Level

STAAR test format is different for younger students and high school students. So, basically, there are two formats. Students in grades 3-8 have to take at least 2 STAAR tests in an academic year. They can choose the 2 subjects out of the 5 offered to them: Reading, Writing, Science, Mathematics, and Social Science.

High school students are required to clear 5-7 subject-specific STAAR tests to move ahead to the next grade. The STAAR tests at this level are knowns as EOC – End of Course Exams and are compulsory for graduation.

STAAR Test Registration Details

STAAR test can be taken in both on-paper and online format. Parents can find out more details by getting in touch with the school administration. The family portal on the official website also provides a lot of information regarding registration, testing dates, accommodations, and more. Click on this link to head to the Texas Assessment Website.

STAAR Test Dates 2022

This year, the testing schedule for the STAAR test goes on from December 2022 to June 2023. You can check out the grade-wise details here.

Texas STAAR Test Scoring Method

The Texas STAAR Test scores are presented according to the performance categories. They are:

  • Masters Grade Level
  • Meets Grade Level
  • Approaches Grade Level
  • Did Not Meet Grade Level

The numbers are presented in the form of Raw Score and Scaled Score. The Scaled Score is calculated according to the difficulty level of the particular set of questions attempted in the test.


Can a student skip the STAAR test?

STAAR test is compulsory in Texas state. All the students in grades 3-12 have to take the test to move to the next grade. If a student skips the STAAR test, his/her score is marked as 0, which is considered a bad performance in the STAAR test. Such students have to take advanced instructions from the state.

What are the special accommodations for the STAAR test?

STAAR test offers several accommodations such as extra time, sound and sight support, equipment support, and more. The testing accommodations are decided by the school and parents together.

Is the STAAR test conducted online?

Yes, the STAAR test is conducted online on specific dates. Students can choose to take it online as per their preference.

What happens if you fail the STAAR test?

STAAR test can be taken multiple times in an academic year. So, if a student fails the test, they can take it again and pass the test. If a student fails all the attempts, they might be retained in the current grade.

What Happens If You Miss the STAAR Test?

STAAR test can be taken multiple times in an academic year. So, you can take it at the next possible date.

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