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You are done with SAT registration. What now? Where should you start reading? How do you prepare all the subjects? How will you achieve your target score? Should you join an online SAT tutoring class?

If these questions are overwhelming you, read on. In this write-up, we try to answer all of these and tell you how you can prepare for SAT test and achieve the perfect score that can get you into your favorite college.

How to Prepare for SAT?

  1. Understand the Structure

Start preparing for SAT subject tests by understanding the structure of the test. Learn about the sections and the type of questions you will have to face. This one step will save you a lot of time on the test day. Further, take multiple mock tests once you have covered your syllabus so that you get mentally prepared to jump from one section to another and manage to answer questions with clarity.

  1. Read a Lot

SAT test has a huge reading section that calls for acute comprehension skills. Therefore, while preparing for SAT, you must read a lot. Read fiction ad non-fiction books and try to master different writing styles so that you are not surprised out of your mind on the exam day.

  1. Take a Class

If you find it hard to stick to a schedule and study alone, you must consider joining online SAT tutoring. Joining a class will help you in situations where you get stuck and need help from an experienced person. Online tutoring can be best for you if you prefer to learn at your own pace and clear your doubts in a one-on-one session.

  1. Work on your Memory

SAT preparation, you will have to work on your memory, so that you can remember all the formulas, tables, and other important things. There are two ways of remembering things, one is to memorize formulas and two is to practice problems frequently so that the formulas get embedded in your mind.

  1. Learn Mental Math

Calculators are not allowed in one of the math sections of SAT test. You will have to solve everything by hand, which will take a lot of time or you can learn a few mental math tricks and shortcuts so that you can quickly cross the section and save time for other sections.

  1. Improve your Vocabulary

A good vocabulary can work wonders for your SAT score. Work on it by checking out the suggested reading list of the College Board. You can also make it a habit to underline the difficult words and sentences in whatever you read.

  1. Study on the Go

SAT test prep needs continuous practice. You should consider taking up an online SAT tutoring course so that you can study from anywhere and at your own pace. Online classes also give you the luxury of taking a lesson again and again till the concept is clear to you. With your lessons and classes on your phone, you can study while commuting from one place to another and even at the dentist’s office.

  1. Practice

Practice, practice, and practice. There is no other mantra for cracking SAT with good scores. You must practice all the topics multiple times to ensure that you remember spellings and formulas even while asleep. Further, you must practice mock tests so that you are thoroughly familiar with the sections.


  1. What should I read for SAT test practice?

Answer – Experts say that you must read a lot of non-fiction because SAT test is heavy on reading and on your test day, you will have to read five passages within an hour and answer questions based on them. 4 out of 5 passages on the SAT paper are non-fiction. The questions won’t trouble you but the reading part will test you. You need to prepare for the reading section by reading every day. You have to train your mind little by little to make sure that you do not run out of energy on the day you sit down to take your SAT.

  1. Should I take mock tests every day?

Answer – Yes, once you have covered your syllabus, it will be good to take a mock test every day. Taking a mock test every day will prepare you for the format of the SAT and will improve your timing tremendously. Expert tutors believe that you can improve your SAT scores tremendously by getting used to the format and the fact that you will have to jump from one section to another during the test duration.

  1. How many hours should I study for SAT?

Answer – When you decide to take the SAT, you must spend a majority of your time studying for it. If you have a few months before you take the test, you can give 2-3 hours a day to cover the syllabus on time and be ready. If your SAT test is just one month away, experts recommend that you have to give 10 hours a week to be completely ready, on time.

  1. Can I get a good score with one month of SAT test prep?

Answer – Yes, you can get a good SAT score with just one month of preparation. In this one month, you will have to study hard and if possible, get help from the best SAT tutors online or offline. According to experts, you must study for at least 10-20 hours a week to prepare for SAT in just one month. Some tutors also believe that as the SAT day approaches, you must spend all your time studying and preparing for the test.

  1. Can online Tutoring help me do well in SAT test?

Answer – Online SAT tutoring is an effective method of preparing for SATs. They offer clear preparation along with a structured curriculum. When you register for SAT online tutoring, you receive a well-designed curriculum with top-class resources and lessons from some of the most experienced subject matter experts (SMEs). Apart from covering the syllabus, online tutoring can also help you identify your weak areas and enable you to work extra on them to prepare well for SAT. With online tutoring, you can also set a learning pace that suits you and make the most of your preparation time.

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