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While the college admissions process has changed through the years and decades, plenty of schools still look at a student’s SAT score when deciding whether or not to accept the individual. As a result, parents and students alike are often in search of resources to help learners reach their highest potential when it comes to the SAT. Knowing what criteria to look for when it comes to SAT test prep is quite valuable.

Specialized Tutoring

Tutoring for the SAT is different from tutoring for a general English or mathematics course. Of course, some similarities exist, but the SAT is its own type of test. Students taking the exam need to know strategies specific to the SAT. Approaching the questions on this exam requires specific techniques. As a result, you don’t want to hire a general tutor. You have to hire a tutor who specializes in tutoring for this exam.

Virtual Options

Don’t discount virtual options for SAT tutoring, particularly in a time when distance learning has become so much more popular. Opting for virtual tutoring, for example, can open up the possibility of working with a proficient tutor who lives in another part of the country. If you decide to choose this path, make sure that the sessions are live. Asynchronous tutoring for the SAT can get confusing for the student.

Practice Exams

You absolutely must make sure that the preparation program is going to include the taking of an SAT practice test. Having a starting point is quite important. A practice test can reveal so much information that is crucial to the tutoring sessions. For example, you might learn that you need to do much more practice with the reading questions than with the math questions. You may also see that you are consistently getting a certain type of question incorrect. Then, the tutor can help you with strategies specific to these types of questions.

Individual Tutoring

Group tutoring can work for the SAT, but individual tutoring has some serious additional benefits. In a group setting, students can learn from their peers; however, learners may not get specific guidance about the types of questions that they struggle with. You might want to consider a class in addition to the individual tutoring, but do make sure that one-on-one tutoring is a part of the plan.

Multiple Sessions

When your score is close to your goal score, you might think that one review session or tutoring session will be enough to get you to your target. Even if your scores are on the lower end, you may still believe that you simply need to work with a tutor one time. Keep in mind that the SAT is about practice. On the SAT test, you have to know how to recognize different types of questions. Learning the types of questions to expect is a skill that takes more than one class or meeting to build. Enroll in a program that lasts for a period of time. Doing so will also help to build your confidence; you’ll see your own improvements along the way.


When you want to get a top score on the SAT, you’ll likely need some tutoring or classes in order to achieve your goal. Knowing what to look for in these programs is an important part of making the right decision.

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