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Vacations, especially the summer ones, are close to every student’s heart. It is a time when the previous grade has come to an end and they can look forward to long, sunny days full of games and fun, things they cannot indulge in during regular school days., Just before the next school year begins, the children and their parents plan and start buying the choicest of school supplies which could range from the most stylish backpacks to colourful markers and folders. This is a much-anticipated activity and in fact this is what most people associate with the phrase ‘back-to-school’ preparation. This shopping excursion, though seeming all fun and frolic at the first instance is actually the first step towards getting the children geared up mentally for the new school year. However, this is just one aspect of what ideally should be a number of well-planned and well-rounded ‘back-to-school’ activities. With the ever-increasing pressure of competition and the constant need of catching up with peers in class, a number of students end a grade with a seemingly unsatisfactory performance which may leave them feeling apprehensive about moving on to the next grade. Another aspect of this is that every grade that they move to presents higher academic challenges which they could be unprepared for. This lack of preparedness can affect the overall morale of a child in the new grade as he or he struggles to catch up with the pressures of the new learning benchmarks. This is nothing to be alarmed about. In fact, it is completely natural for a student to feel anxious about the new grade and the related changes that would be a part and parcel of it. The onus of allaying these fears now lies in the hands of the parents as with careful planning they can provide their child with the much-needed help that can give them a head start as the new session begins. A number of studies have shown that once the new grade commences students waste a number of precious hours just catching up with previously done topics rather than getting into the new learning process. This can actually put them behind their peers in class. As parents you can assure them of a great start with a well-designed ‘back to school’ program. The plan could begin with identifying the areas where they need additional help or where they simply need addition to their current levels of learning. The next step would be to identify a great program which would suit all these requirements. There are many such wonderful options available online, one of which is the ‘Back-to-School Program’ being offered by etutorworld.com. It is a carefully curated program which assists students in getting a head-start as they begin the new school year. Parents and children have the option of choosing from a wide array of topics and subjects ranging from English Vocabulary, Science to Algebra. These will ensure that the students stand apart from the crowd with respect to their academic preparedness. This program offers multifaceted advantages as it not only offers additional content, it also tests understanding via detailed worksheets while giving a chance to students to learn at their own pace and convenience. As discussed above, it is undeniable that going ‘back to school’ has to be far more than just buying wonderful school supplies. It has to include a suitable academic program which can help the students enter the new grade with confidence and lead them towards success. So, parents, let’s go ahead and make the right choice.
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