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If you are in high school, contemplating your future after school, it’s time to prepare for college through SAT. It is one of the most popular standardized tests that can get you a seat at your dream college. SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test and it has been a key exam for college admissions since 1926.

Most of the accredited colleges in the country consider SAT scores for admissions. Some colleges have different admission criteria but their numbers are less and it is always better to have good SAT scores so that you have several options at the time of admission.

SAT is designed to assess a student’s language skills and mathematical skills. This exam also has an optional segment that requires the students to write an essay. Who can take it? Students in high school who are seeking admission to undergraduate programs in US colleges can take the SAT. Foreign students, who want to study in the US, can also take SAT in their country and then apply to the colleges of their choice.

Why Should you Take the SAT?

The first and foremost reason to take the SAT is to get admission to your favorite college. Now, that’s a huge reason to prepare and take this popular exam. But if you need more, following are some important reasons to take the SAT.

  1. Improves English Reading and Writing Skills

SAT has one complete section dedicated to the English language. You need to read several books, articles, research papers, and more to prepare for the exam. So, on the other side of this exam, you will discover that now you have a better understanding of the language and it can become your strength through college and your career. SAT preparation can also improve your English-speaking prowess in case it is not your first language.

  1. Improves your Mathematical Prowess

Just like English, SAT has a Math section that that needs you to be good with numbers. While preparing for this exam, you will become the master of the subject and understand several complicated concepts that can help you in college and life beyond that.

  1. Gets you a Scholarship

Many colleges consider the SAT scores to offer a scholarship to their students. This means you may have to pay fewer tuition fees or may get a discount on other expenses for your good scores. However, this is not a standard rule with the colleges. The college you seek may not have a scholarship policy. So, before you seek admission to a college, you must enquire about their policies and if they offer scholarships based on SAT scores.

eTutorWorld – Best Online Platform of SAT Tutoring

eTutorWorld offers personalized tutoring for SAT. Read on to know how we can help you prepare for the SAT.

  1. Diagnostic Assessment

At eTutorWorld, we start every course with a diagnostic test. This test is conducted to assess a student’s learning abilities, skills, and learning gaps (if any). Then we create a customized lesson plan according to the result of this assessment. We also invite parents and students to discuss the lesson plans and custom design the course according to individual requirements.

  1. Flexible Schedule

We offer flexibility to our students in terms of class timings and course timelines. All our courses have a basic structure and timetable but we modify them according to individual requirements. You can request a particular time slot for a class. We are also open to lengthening or shortening the course timeline according to your schedule and requirement.

  1. Expert Tutors

eTutorWorld has a team of expert tutors who have at least 5 years of teaching experience. They are also extensively trained in online teaching methodologies. Our team of tutors includes expert tutors of elementary, middle, and high school level tutors. We also have an extraordinary team of tutors for standardized tests such as SAT, CogAT, SCAT, SSAT, and more.

  1. Personalized Tutoring

We do not have a maximum or minimum class limit. Rather we teach one student at a time. With eTutorWorld, it’s just you and your tutor. There’s no one else in the class, so no, you cannot doze off while studying a boring topic. We offer personalized one-on-one tutoring for all subjects. By personalized, we mean we alter our course material and course timelines to suit your requirement, and every session is designed according to your unique lesson plan.

  1. Recorded Sessions for Practice and Reviews

We record every session with our students so that they can come back and go through the lesson again if they want. All the recordings are directly accessible from the student portal and available for the complete duration of the course. Can SAT revision get any better?

  1. Curated Worksheets and Tests

We use curated worksheets and tests after every session and at the end of the course. These worksheets are designed to cement the lessons covered in the session and the tests assess the child’s grasp and understanding of a topic before moving to the next one. At the end of the course, after the assessment, we provide an analysis/result that can be compared to the diagnostic assessment to gauge the student’s improvement.

SAT is a crucial exam. Its scores can decide your fate after school. So, can you miss this exam? No, you cannot, and neither can you appear for it without thorough preparation. Ideally, you should start preparing for SAT as you step foot in high school. Pick one subject at a time, take help from expert tutors and work hard till you get that seat in your dream college.

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