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A conventional classroom has its inherent pros and cons however the experience is going through massive changes due to amazing advances in technology. Just a couple of years ago additional academic support meant either calling a tutor home or attending classes post regular school hours while today online tutoring has become an inseparable feature of after-school help for students. Though Online tutoring has been available for some years now, there is still a sizeable population of people who seem to have their reservations about the method. These doubts may be stemming from a lack of information about the high effectiveness of online tutoring vis-à-vis the conventional method. Let’s look at why online tutoring is the right way to save: 1.Saving your Grades The Ease of Availability – Wanting to sit face to face with a tutor is a requirement many assume is the right way to study however it poses multiple challenges – commuting, time, availability of tutor and student and many more. An online tutor on the other hand is available almost round the clock and the student can discuss and clarify doubts as and when they come up and it can all be done real time resulting in super grades – Start anytime and you can still get ahead! 2.Saving Money – Online tutoring is a clear ‘value for money’ option. Online tutoring offers great learning packages which could range from weekly to monthly to annual plans. The plans can be chosen and modified as per the preference and affordability. Online tutoring also allows students to provide real time feedback which helps tutors to tweak the learning process even better, offering better returns on investments for the parents. Online tutoring companies offer affordable and effective learning opportunities to students. 3.Saving your Peace of Mind Getting the Perfect Tutor – The choice of a tutor in a face to face scenario can be limited by the actual number of qualified tutors available in the geographical vicinity. This issue gets completely erased in case of online tutoring as it allows students to choose a suitably qualified tutor from a great selection of tutors. A related benefit would also be that there is no restriction to stick to one tutor – there can be different tutors based on areas of expertise allowing for further ease of studying. 4.Saving Precious Time Time is the essence of most things and so should it be for successful tutoring. An online tutor is just a click away and it thus saves all the time which would have been spent on commuting or other preliminaries in a traditional set-up. The saved time can be used for effective learning with an online tutor. 5.Saving Individual Requirements The Power of Learning Online – The traditional teaching methods generally involve a ‘one size fits all’ approach while online tutoring allows for complete personalization of the program to suit the student. The online tutor and the student can design the course to meet the individual requirements. Sites such as etutorworld.com offer a wide range of options to suit specific learning needs. 6.Saving your Child from Strangers – The biggest worry for a parent today is the safety of their child. Learning online allows the students to be comfortable in the safe havens of their homes while letting the parents be a constant part of the tutoring process. Review of tutoring session recordings too ensure your child’s safety. This can definitely be considered a huge plus in favor of being tutored online. 7.Saving on the Compromise – It’s a small world and with technology it is becoming smaller by the minute. One of the biggest advantages that online tutoring offers is the fact that one can connect to an expert from anywhere in the world. This clearly means that while the student can connect from anywhere, there also need be no compromise in the choice of a tutor and one can simply choose from the best. 8.Optimum Use of Technology – Learning online offers an entire gamut of information to the students – the tutor can use multiple tools to explain a single point – they could range from charts to pictures to videos and it could all be done within the span of a single session. All these benefits go to prove that online tutoring is a great way to learn as it is all about saving – saving time, saving unwanted stress and saving valuable money. Happy Learning!
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