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If there was one word that could literally evoke terror in many students’ hearts it would most definitely be “Math”. Some students are fortunate enough to go through their complete academic life with absolutely no fear of Math. However, the simple truth is that instead of running away from it we need to ensure that children enjoy learning Math in all its glory.

As a parent, it is important to understand that learning Math and also incorporating it in one’s life would benefit your child in an amazing number of ways. So, if your child is saying ‘oh! but math is boring’ or ‘it’s challenging’; you should be able to explain the various benefits that it offers; not only in the form of marks but also as a life skill.

1. Ensures methodical thinking – Math problems look for a definite result which in turn ensures that a child uses the right steps in a logical sequence to get to a solution. This ability can help them solve life problems in a similar logical way.

2. Promotes analytical thinking – Math problems never have a single path to get to a solution – there could be multiple ways to get to the right answer. To solve such questions a student would have to analyze and adopt the optimum path to arrive at the correct answer. This helps develop an analytical mind and help them build critical decision-making skills.

3. Help understand the world better – There is nothing in the world that does not involve Math – be it a recipe, music note, or even the number of lines in a sonnet. Practicing Math concepts help a child understand its applications in real life which could make the world around her a more familiar place.

4. Eases Coping with technological changes faster – Technology is changing and evolving by the second and needless to say, all these changes are heavily reliant on Math. A good grip on Math concepts will equip your child with the right tools in order to be tech-ready at all times.

5. Be career-ready – Many lucrative careers have STEM skills as a pre-requisite. In fact, even the ones perceived as artistic like culinary arts, photography, and fine arts also need certain levels of understanding in Math, Science, and technology to achieve excellence. A child who understands how Math works will always have a level playing field as far as choosing the right career goes.

6. Become Moneywise – Managing money is one of the most important life lessons that Math can teach us. By learning Math concepts at the right time students will be able to apply that knowledge to manage their finances wisely which in turn will help them live a comfortable and trouble-free life.

Hence it is imperative that students are taught math the right way so they can enjoy the learning process. There will undeniably be instances when there could be a topic or concept that they face difficulty in solving or understanding. It is then that parents should step in and arrange additional support in the form of a personal math tutor or appropriate math practice.

Online tutoring companies like eTutorWorld make sure to match you up with the right tutor based on your requirements and grade. Students prepping for standardized tests like the SCAT, SSAT, ACT and SAT are helped with an appropriate learning path which eventually helps students learn Math concepts and solve Math problems in creative and enjoyable ways. Seeking online help from eLearning sites such as etutorworld.com is a great way to help students get over their fear of Math and in fact start enjoying the magical world of numbers called ‘Math’.

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