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Learning in a good school opens doors of opportunities for a student the way Harvard graduates are accepted unquestionably as great scholars around the world. Good school education is a means of refining knowledge and skills. Nonetheless, getting enrolled in an independent school is no child’s play. Independent schools are ready to welcome students with high SSAT scores, impressive academic and non-academic skills. With thousands of students competing against each other every year to get to their dream school, working hard for a notable SSAT score is the requirement. Etutorworld offers the appropriate prep help and practice for SSAT and hence is the right place to begin the journey to good school education.

The academic standards of a good school demonstrate excellence in education via well thought out curriculum and assessment. Students can think critically about issues of human interest, curiosity, artistry, craft, legacy, husbandry, agriculture, and more. The curriculum is based on research and evidence and aligned with college and career expectations focusing on rigorous and application of knowledge through higher order thinking skills for success in global economy and society. A good school is full of joy, curiosity, hope, knowledge, and constant change with clear and consistent academic standards.

Independent schools like the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology and The Harker school engage in STEM education making students leap from being mere users of technology to innovators. STEM Education integrates the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications. Good schools emphasize teaching thought, not content in order to produce students who can empathize, critique, protect, love, inspire, make, design, restore, and understand almost anything and which eventually becomes second nature to them.

Independent schools develop students’ personality to make them stand apart from the rest. Personality development improves one’s communication skills and helps to master the art of expressing their thoughts and feelings in the desired way. One’s personality is shaped by traits, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that start developing during childhood, and are strengthened in adulthood. Emotional intelligence is the other side of the personality coin. Both play a vital role in the ability to succeed by acquiring the knowledge to relate with others, communicate effectively, and dress appropriately. These are crucial in climbing the ladder of success.

Most independent schools offer state-of the-art facilities for sports and other extra-curricular activities such as student government, academic clubs, debate team, student magazines and volunteer work. Extracurricular activities allow students to go beyond academics by learning regular time commitment and initiative which eventually improve grades and one’s perspective of life. These activities increase brain function, allow concentration and better time-management skills leading to higher grades. High endurance sports train students to build physical and mental stamina even in intense stress.

Above all, a student of a good school explores numerous interests, creates broader perspectives and possesses higher self esteem. All of these boost real world skills such as team work, time management, problem solving, analytical thinking, leadership and public speaking. Most importantly, the resume of a student of such caliber will look extraordinary for future academic and employment opportunities.

So get your child prepped for a Good School Education!

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