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Getting The Best Story time Options For Children

Reading is one of the best tools to help children learn. From the time they are toddlers, children become fascinated with the power of words, and this expands greatly during their formative years.

While many parents think that their child will have little interaction with reading before first grade, there are increasing studies that show children can easily learn to read in Kindergarten. This is the right time to help them by introducing phonics for kids and the sounds of the alphabet. By the time a child is in second grade, they are filled with the curiosity enhanced by story time and books. At this age, they begin to understand that books can take their minds to another place and time filled with adventure and fun.

Reading as They Grow

One of the best tools a parent has to create a hunger for learning is to have a daily storytime for the child. Parents have a daily bedtime story to tell that helps in child reading later on. However, storytime does not have to be at a fixed time of the day and should be encouraged as an interactive time between parents and their children. Books should be chosen that are age and reading skill-appropriate too. For students in K-4th grade, books with pictures are often most helpful.

Other Places for Storytime

Once a child is in school, there are many places to participate in storytime sessions apart from home. Many local libraries sponsored storytime, which allows children to interact within a group setting. They usually will choose a story appropriate to the K-4th grade group with reading programs for kids specific to their age and abilities.

After school programs and church schools often have story time as part of their curriculum as well. These are particularly popular for students attending K-4 grade.

Great Media Storytime Options

For parents who want to expand their options for children and story time at home, media devices can be perfect reading for kids’ tools. Stories can be listened to or followed along on the computer, DVDs, CDs, or on a Kindle device. These usually have an adult reading aloud and the children can read along with the help of a computer or a handheld device. eTutorWorld can help young children who are a little behind in their reading skills and need guidance. 

Online reading for kids platforms have become quite popular for families to encourage their children to participate in reading time. Parents can find a wide variety of online reading material on kids’ websites that can help a child to read along. Most of them allow parental input to improve a child’s reading skills.

For parents of second graders, some of the more advanced stories of Dr. Seuss, Berenstain Bears, The Peanuts, Disney, Sesame Street, Beatrix Potter, and Winnie the Pooh offer parents a wide variety of great reading options to enliven their minds and enhance the hunger for kids reading books. Children love to identify with the stories they read, especially when they are young. Since many of these characters are ones they see on TV, videos, and DVDs, they become a source of inspiration for kids specifically 2nd graders.


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