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As most schools across the country continue to remain closed, parents of K-12 students are actively looking for effective educational solutions for their kids. Many online tutoring services have addressed the need of the hour by offering Virtual Learning Pods to students from the same grade and same school districts to ensure that children are not only acquiring knowledge but also have room for interaction with other kids, thereby providing some respite from the ongoing crisis.

What are Virtual Learning Pods?

Virtual Learning Pods are basically small groups of kids who join online tutoring sessions and learn together from the comfort and safety of their homes. Virtual Learning Pods are gaining traction by the day, and have become a popular educational option in the US. The number of children in each Virtual Learning Pod can range from 3 to 10 depending on the online tutoring service provider. For instance, eTutorWorld’s Virtual Learning Pods consist of 3-4 kids from the same grade and school district. 

Why are Virtual Learning Pods growing so quickly?

School closures across the nation have interrupted learning and made it difficult for kids to learn with the same effectiveness as they did while attending school regularly. While many schools have begun offering online or virtual classes, students find it harder to grasp concepts due to shorter attention spans, especially among younger children. Moreover, online instruction via videos means that students will not be able to ask questions and get their doubts cleared as they did in class.

Even online classrooms with live teaching throw plenty of challenges at both teachers as well as students. The time for each class is limited, which means that teachers often rush through topics and concepts in order to complete the curriculum in a predetermined period of time. As a result, some kids tend to learn effectively, while many others are left behind.

Another major complaint among parents is the lack of interaction in online learning and virtual classrooms. Virtual Learning Pods address these concerns effectively so that students not only have the attention of a tutor who can answer their queries and clear their doubts but also facilitate engagement during the sessions, thereby promoting interactive peer learning and effective tutoring solutions.

Benefits of Virtual Learning Pods

  • Safety: In keeping with social distancing protocols to avoid the spread of COVID-19, students can attend online classes on Virtual Learning Pods from the safety of their homes.
  • Interaction: Virtual Learning Pods allow students to not only communicate with their tutor but also with each other to discuss the contents of their course.
  • Convenience: Learning through Virtual Learning Pods is as convenient as it gets. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection to get going.
  • Independence: Parents need not be worried about their child’s academic progress. Virtual Learning Pods enable kids to develop independence when it comes to their studies, thus allowing parents the freedom to focus on their own work.
  • Affordable: There are many online tutoring services that offer Virtual Learning Pods at affordable rates. These pods are relatively inexpensive when compared to live, one-to-one tutoring sessions.
  • Guaranteed Progress: Online tutoring services that offer Virtual Learning Pods have tutors with immense experience and expertise to ensure that your child makes good academic progress with each online tutoring session.
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