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“I’m bored.”

“There’s nothing to do.”

“Can I watch TV?”

No parent wants to hear these complaints about what should be a fun summer. Transform your child’s break into an intellectually stimulating adventure through some of the best summer programs designed to spark curiosity in the brightest minds. In addition to squelching summer boredom, being involved in educational programs will reduce learning regression that can occur during extended time away from school.

Need some guidance on the top programs for your child who needs a challenge? Here are some of the top summer programs designed with gifted children in mind.

1. Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Summer Programs

Students who have completed grades 2 – 12 and have established eligibility through the Center for Talented Youth have the opportunity to learn about fascinating subjects within the realms of science, math, the humanities, and writing through Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Summer Programs. Offering both day and residential options,
these summer programs have campus locations all across the US – and even in Hong Kong! With fun topics such as the Olympics, the study of toys (Toyology), space, and much more, your child will be brimming with fun facts rather than sullen complaints! Discover your child’s ideal summer program at https://cty.jhu.edu/summer/.

2. Duke TIP Summer Studies

University campuses across North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Texas offer 7 – 10th graders a wide breadth of courses to explore this summer. From aerospace engineering to film production to philosophy, there is surely a content course your child will love. Duke TIP accepts students who have met testing eligibility requirements and does offer financial aid packages based on need.

Check out more at https://tip.duke.edu/programs/summer-studies.

3. Summer Institute for the Gifted

Aptly named, the Summer Institute for the Gifted offers an Investigator’s Program and Innovator’s Program for ages 5 – 17. Your child can choose half or full-day programs that explore the areas of science, math, fitness, theater, art, and more! Located across the country at many universities, the Summer Institute for the Gifted will leave your child wanting to learn more.
Find your child’s next big investigation at https://www.giftedstudy.org/.

4. Northwestern University Center for Talent Development Summer Programs

Gifted children from Pre-K through 12th grade can experience enrichment through the summer programs of Northwestern University Center for Talent Development. Exploratory programs are offered in sessions of one, two, or three weeks, with potential financial aid support. Spirited courses such as Villians & Anti-Heroes, Girl Power Math: STEM Innovators, and Breakout Bio: Infectious Diseases will stimulate and challenge your child’s curious mind. Students with qualifying test results can learn and grow at this Illinois-based program!

Explore your options at https://www.ctd.northwestern.edu/program_type/summer-programs.

Summer does not have to mean a break from learning. Rather than being glued to the TV or phone, your child can investigate, innovate, create, and wonder through summer programs designed for gifted children. Your child will return to school the following year a better collaborator and problem-solver!

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