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We all know that the sun is our main source of energy. But, how do we use that solar energy? Yes, we do get some Vitamin D from the sun, but that doesn’t give us the required energy.


Humans don’t have the capability of trapping and using solar energy directly because we are heterotrophs. However, autotrophs like plants are capable of synthesizing inorganic materials to create organic compounds during the process of photosynthesis.


But, what exactly does happen during photosynthesis? Which inorganic material are used to create energy in the organic form? What helps trap the solar energy in plants?


All these questions and more are asked and answered in this fun and colorful worksheet. The worksheet is for students of grade 7, however students from other grades too can review their knowledge about Photosynthesis. eTutorWorld’s expert science tutors have created this worksheet to make sure that all aspects about photosynthesis are included; making sure at the same time that the questions don’t get overwhelming.


You don’t need to print the worksheet, just solve it online. All you need to do is enter your name and email id and viola the worksheet’s questions will appear one by one. You can assess yourself, using the correct answers given right after you’ve answered the questions.


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And, don’t fret if you don’t know photosynthesis or any other science concept! Our online grade 7 science tutors are available to make sure you learn well and score well at school and beyond!


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