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The aroma of pumpkin pie wafting in the air; the delicious stuffing served with roast turkey and the wonderful gifts all abounding in the gaily decorated shops. All these smells, sounds and sights are harbingers of the much-awaited holiday, Thanksgiving. Children and adults alike wait for this delightful holiday not just for the lip-smacking food or the shopping but also for the simple fact that it brings families together. It is without a doubt that children look forward to this with bated breath because of all the lovely presents that their parents stock up on.

It is a day when families gather for Thanksgiving celebration around a food laden table, share gifts and offer thanks for the happiness and contentment in their lives. The opening of the gifts; ranging from tickets to football matches to clothes and toys; is undoubtedly the crowning moment of the momentous day.

However, the million dollar question is – What is the perfect gift for your child this Thanksgiving? Is it a toy that’ll soon break or soon become outdated? It could also be clothes which kids outgrow before you can blink. Tickets to football matches are great fun but are again just one match worthy. Before parents go out and buy gifts for their kids they must analyse as to what gift(s) truly would be the best for their children.

A great gift should be one which not only makes the receiver and the giver happy but one which stands the receiver in good stead for a long time. And for children such a gift is most definitely ‘education’. When we say the word ‘education’ images of boring lectures or lengthy essays get conjured up and its not the gift a kid wants…however it needn’t be all that boring. Its been oft said that education is the greatest gift that a child can be given and there certainly is great truth in it. It is the best gift of all because of the value it adds to a child’s future by equipping him/her with the right tools for a great life ahead.

So how does one gift ‘education’? Well, there are many ways in which parents can do that. They could gift books to their children – which would not only encourage the reading habit but also enhance knowledge. Another great option is to get academic support for children. Schools today have a curriculum which mostly is a one size fits all kind of scenario. Many students find fitting into it to be quite daunting. It is here that parents can gift their children academic support in the form of personalized online tutoring lessons. There are many great options at varied sites such as etutorworld.com where they offer carefully designed syllabi which can help your child gain that extra edge at school and beyond.

Getting additional support at academics is definitely not an indication that a child is not good with her academics – in fact  expert math, science and English tutors design tutoring sessions to help your child according to her abilities and needs at school. They also prepare her for future life especially with regards to standardized tests like the SCAT, ACT, PSAT and SAT. Isn’t a get-ready-for-college education a fantastic Thanksgiving gift for your child? If you do agree then gifting an online tutoring package is definitely the right answer to all your gifting worries.

Therefore parents, the right gift for your child this Thanksgiving is the one that can make your child’s future bright. You can choose from the vast array of interesting and relevant tutoring and worksheet packages to gift your child that extra edge.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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