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‘Slow and steady wins the race’
At a tortoise pace,
Gone by is the era, those days!

The present-day concoction for success is to get smart, work hard, start early and pace up. Today there is a million hare; a delayed start would result in missing the train. So, act now, lest your child misses the opportunity of embarking upon the journey of a gifted and talented program.

Every child is unique and differs from the others in assimilating, recalling, analyzing and deciphering information. These abilities may also vary for the same child depending upon whether the interpretation of information requires numerical or verbal skills.
Children, therefore, need different stimuli and learning methodologies based on such abilities. Gifted and talented tests recognize your child’s talent and provide scores that identify gifted and talented students.

These tests are of two types:

1. Achievement Tests: These tests determine what the students have already learned. They may be standardized (like SAT, MAT, ITBS, SRA) or academic (like math or English).

2. Ability Tests: These tests are the IQ (Intelligence Quotient) or the cognitive abilities tests. These include the Stanford Binet (L-M), Weschler Intelligence
Scale for Children, Woodcock-Johnson, CogAT, Otis-Lennon, Hemmon-Nelson,
Ravens Progressive Matrices and Matrix Analogies test.
Taking such tests can be extremely beneficial for your child. You would be pleased to observe the following afterward.

● Scores indicate students’ present abilities accurately unlike those by gifted and
talented sample questions freely available on the internet
● Students get to know where they stand in a group
● Students can identify their strong and weak academic areas like math or English
● Students/educators can gauge the areas where they need to focus more attention namely improving verbal or non-verbal skills
● Students get to know if the score qualifies for a gifted and talented program at
Johns Hopkins Centre for Talented Youth (CTY) and a lot more
● You can take a quick decision to opt for home tutoring for your child

These tests are usually conducted by trained professionals at a nominal fee. The score and its interpretation are designed by experts. Sometimes, graduates and amateurs offer gifted and talented sample questions that may mislead students. It is imperative that students do not fall prey to these cheap and lucrative measures when there are better options.

Remember, students who are identified as being gifted because of a certain score get opportunities for enrolling in selected programs. Why settle for something less just because gifted test sample questions indicate a certain score for your child?

There are organizations like eTutorWorld that believe in horning talent and skill well before the students take these much sought after tests. They have a well designed curriculum for standardized tests like SAT, MAT and for IQ tests like CogAT. The brain can be trained to perform better. Nurturing, grooming and mentoring enhances growth and development. Home tutoring provides greater exposure to academic knowledge as well as builds verbal and non-verbal skills. Improvement is possible!

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