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A common mistake that most students make when creating presentations for their school assignments is adding long paragraphs to it. A page filled-in with text seems drab and uninteresting .Similarly image-heavy slides can be visually overwhelming. Quality presentations need to have the perfect balance between text and graphics. A harmonious relationship between the two can help you score well on your school assignment or project.

Tap into the artist within you to come up with a presentation that draws your classmates and teachers attention. Proper font usage, image placement, simple animations, and a little bit of word play can result in a perfect assignment! Here are some simple tips than can help you achieve this.

Know Your Goal

Not quite the first step you expected, but believe us when we say that this is the most important tip from us to score well on an assignment. Get to know your goal – This will then help you gain clarity about other aspects of your assignment like the theme, templates, images, fonts, and tone of your presentation. Do you want to inspire? Inform? Advocate for something? The answers to these questions will help you choose the right elements for your presentation. It’s also good to consider your teacher’s personality and use that as a guide. After all a presentation for a school assignment is meant to impress your teachers! 

If your assignment topic is  somber , you may want to lean towards templates that have earthy colors. If your assignment needs to be cheerful, use primary colors and maybe add some reds or yellows. Look at the templates and see what color combinations work. We highly recommend that you go for a high contrast color combination so the text is legible and does not blend with the background.

Insert Your Own Images

The last thing that you want to do while making a presentation is to turn off your audience. Copying and pasting paragraphs from books or other websites references will result in plagiarism. , It would be best if you insert images and text that are original and fresh.. If you’re not confident with sharing your own pictures, download images from the Internet. However, just make sure that the ones you use are not protected by a license.

Adding your own images to a presentation makes it more personal. The images instantly give you that much needed connection with your audience which is hard to come by with slides loaded with text. Keep in mind that the image should complement and not overpower your presentation.

Make Use of Other Visual Elements

Another way to make your presentation stand out is by going high on the visuals and low on the text. Other than images, you may want to consider using tables, graphs, charts, or diagrams to convey your message. It is easier for audiences to connect to visuals. The presentation then becomes all the more memorable for them.

Choose a Readable Typeface and Font Size

The text that you insert in your presentation may seem large while you’re working on it so use the slide show to get the correct font size. Make sure you can read the text without straining your eyes. Stand up from the table and take a few steps back to see if the words are readable. You can also try to position yourself in different parts of the room to see if there are adjustments that you need to make with the placement of the elements on the slides. 

Note that the title of the presentation should be bigger than the body text. The suggested font size is 24 and above. Anything below that will be difficult for your audience to read.

Do your research and take a look at how some presentations are made so you can get ideas. Canva Presentations is worthy of a site visit so you can draw inspiration for your presentation. They offer different tips and tricks on how to become an effective visual communicator. They give you what you need to capture your audience and the best part is, the steps are easy to follow.

A school assignment is meant to educate you by expanding your academic and artistic vision and knowledge. Scoring well on an assignment is as important as scoring well on tests and exams. A well-made presentation is something that you can cherish and preserve as an art piece. So, here’s your chance to tap into your inner artist and add graphics to your school assignment.

This guest post is authored by Rekha Pant.

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