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CogAT test has questions pertaining to verbal, quantitative, and non-verbal skills. It identifies gifted students and students’ learning abilities and gaps. Many schools thus use it as an entrance exam into their gifted programs. Students put in their heart and soul towards CogAT test prep.

It is not a test of knowledge but a test of reasoning or cognitive abilities. Hence, the scores can be improved by taking regular CogAT practice tests.

Let us see the three ways that students consider as smart prep for the CogAT Test and our arguments in favor or against the same:

1. Free worksheets – Few worksheets can be downloaded from the internet for free by typing CogAT practice test grade 2 or any other grade that you require. However, these worksheets offer limited use without one on one tutoring. Students spend considerable time on such free downloads which do not boost their scores to a desirable standard.
2. Printed booklets – Many publishers are also offering booklets in paperback edition for CogAT test prep grade 3 or even grade 2 for young students. These have answer sheets and explanations justifying the answers. It is usually tedious for students to work through the solutions on their own. Parental help may be grossly inadequate.
3. Home tutoring – Home tutoring organizations including online tutoring is just a mouse click away. Some of the benefits offered are:

  • Home tutors, handhold the children by reaching out to them in the comfort zone of their home.
  • They gauge the students’ present level of performance and then build upon that to ace the tests with ease.
  • Students may start with CogAT test 2nd grade building upwards each year, with CogAT grade 3 and more. The earlier in life the students start, the better it is for their growth graph.
  • Even if a student has missed out on preparing well for grade 2, a good home tutor can help him or her to start with CogAT practice test grade 3 or whichever grade is relevant to the child.
  • The tutor engages with the child to discover his or her strengths and weak areas. Within a short span of time, he works with the student by providing practice worksheets that are challenging and interesting.
  • It works wonders on the student’s confidence level, skill development, accuracy, and speed.

Home tutoring is a sure shot way to do a smart prep for the CogAT Test.
Home tutoring organizations like eTutorWorld have a trained pool of qualified academicians. Their CogAT test prep includes questions covering the following as per the requirements of CogAT:

1. Verbal skills including picture analogies, sentence completion and picture classification.
2. Quantitative skills including number analogies, number puzzles, and number series.
3. Non-verbal or figurative skills including figure matrices, paper folding, and figure classification.

Don’t let this opportunity go by. Create learning opportunities for your children early on in life. Act now! Let your child take CogAT practice test grade 2 or the one relevant to the grade level. This is the smartest way to prepare and be a step closer to gifted and talented programs.

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