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The entire world has been brought to a standstill by COVID-19. However, the mind doesn’t understand stagnation. The only constant with the brain is that it works constantly. Thanks to the creativity of this perpetually working brain, you can turn a grim situation into an opportunity. Great minds like Isaac Newton and Shakespeare used self-isolation to create their monumental works during the years of the deadly Black Plague.

As everyone in the family enjoys the luxury of free time, it is the perfect occasion to help your child if he or she is troubled by the fear of math. If math is their strong suit, this article still equips you with interesting ways to study math and make learning a fun experience.

Most importantly, math, as we all know, demands regular practice. Unlike the school’s crowded classroom where your child gets very little to no individual attention, at home with our math study tips you can

  1. Train your child to visualize math anywhere in random objects.
  2. You get the opportunity to target your child’s weak learning spots
  3. Turn regular math practice into a delightful, bonding activity. 

Here are some interesting tips to improve maths to explore with your kids at home-

  1. Like there’s a song for every occasion, there’s a song for every basic math operations. You’ll be surprised to see how the power of music fuels your child’s learning engine.
  2. Engage your child with captivating math games- numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, basically all the fundamental math operations you can think of, can be taught through games.
    • Dice can be used to practice multiplication, addition, subtraction.
    • Count the toys for practicing numbers, addition, or subtraction.
    • Playdough works excellent with the little ones and can be used in uncountable ways. 
  1. Make dull and boring numbers colorful; create math-related charts and posters for your kid’s room.
  2. Visit websites like education.com that have interesting songs and games for PreK-5 children. 
  1. Freshly baked cookies for fractions- eat while you play or play while you eat. This simple technique is a great visual tool for kids to learn fractions.
  • Cut a cookie into 4 parts, now use these to teach your kid
    1. ¼+ ¼ = ½ or 50% of the total.
    2. ¼+ ¼+¼ = ¾ or 75%
    3. ¼+ ¼+¼+¼= 1 or 100%                    
  1. Everything becomes fun with flashcards. Be as creative as you possibly can as per your child’s learning needs. Here’s a simple game to practice math for kids.
    • Make two sets of flashcards; first with numbers for the kids and the second set with basic math symbols. They will pick 2 cards from the first set and perform the math operation based on the symbol card you will pick from the second set. Use a timer to make it challenging and fun.
  2. Online tutoring is another option if you are seeking a more professional approach to your child’s learning needs. An expert teacher will not only help your child overcome the learning gaps (if any) but also boost her confidence. 

Online coaching at etutorworld.com improves your child’s performance and builds a strong learning base, giving him an edge over other kids whether it is in a classroom or a competitive exam. Check out our new topic-specific summer enrichment courses available at affordable prices. You can also design a course exclusively for yourself depending on your learning needs. Talk to our counselor today and book a free trial.




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