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Did dinosaurs ever celebrate a ‘World Environment Day’? 200 million years ago did anyone have to worry about pollution, depleting resources and global warming?? The Tyrannosaurus despite of being a carnivore never had to justify its absence from the Paris Climate Accord!

In those days, all beings lived in a happy prosperous world where food, water and fresh air was available in abundance. Each got what it was made capable of procuring, until the Homo sapiens came in.

Thereafter started the real tussle for nature’s resources. The rule was Survival of the smartest. The entities began to disappear, one after the other; to name a few some of the most beautiful creatures like the cheetah, Tasmanian tiger and the Pyrenean ibex – please don’t bother to know the area of flora that vanished on a daily basis!

Mechanization and automation resulted in pollution. Clearances and acquisitions led to disappearance! By now, man had become supreme. Steady progress made life comfortable for human beings but only at the cost of other beings and the environment! Could some control and regulation have made a difference? Yes and it still can! Each one of us can gradually reverse the damage done to some extent. A little effort here and a little care there can go a long way in preserving our natural environment. Reducing our Carbon Footprints is a small step towards bequeathing a better world to the future generations.

Here are some ways you, as a student can start working towards a better and healthier environment:

  1. Walk or cycle instead of driving
  2. Use a laptop instead of a desktop
  3. Share your devices with your family and friends
  4. Switch off the power to your devices when not in use
  5. Learn online to reduce travel to learning centers
  6. Send and receive documents like content sheets, assignments and practice worksheets electronically – you will save paper by doing so.
  7. Solve worksheets and practice sheets online – again to save paper
  8. Sensitize those around you about the environment


So buckle up before it gets too late…save the environment and you will save life on earth!

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