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It is advantageous to put your heart and soul into SAT preparations.

Some of the reasons to plunge into the competitive arena of taking the SAT test are:

1. Colleges need SAT test scores. Many colleges do not conduct tests independently for students seeking admission to these colleges. They rely on scores as a criterion for admissions. The good news is that students can better their admission chances in their dream universities by securing high SAT scores after thorough SAT tutoring from organizations like eTutorWorld. These organizations are earning testimonials as reward points from satisfied and happy parents.

2. To know where you stand vis a vis your peers and competitors.

3. To know your own strengths and weaknesses. The scores would help you plan more time in strengthening your weak areas.

4. As a test run so that you can score better in subsequent tests with more intensive runs of SAT practice tests.

5. Get an identity when schooling and curriculum was based in countries other than America: Many international students and American students studying abroad who aspire to continue their studies in America must take the SAT test. Their school syllabus might have been in variance in what is being taught in the US. Hence taking the test gives them a score indicative of their skills in English and math. This score is easier to interpret and can be quoted while applying to American schools and universities. Some of these students make most of the opportunity after adequate SAT preparation

6. As an opportunity for students to join mainstream especially those who have followed home schooling and other forms of schooling. They may have opted for SAT prep courses to join the mainstream by taking the SAT test.

7. Fees and other expenditure of education rises with each grade. Many students can minimize this pressure by availing the opportunity of scholarships and sponsored education programs awarded to deserving candidates with a high SAT score. SAT test prep serves as a stepping stone to improve your skills with a better performance in these tests.

8. Many organizations require job aspirants to quote their SAT scores. Job seekers with higher scores make them more eligible against others with similar skill sets. This is irrespective of whether the SAT scores were achieved through SAT tutoring or none at all.

9. Those students who are blessed to excel in Math do well in SAT and can use it to their advantage as compared to other tests that focus more on other streams of academics.

10. Utilizing the pressure to perform to have faster learning: As SAT dates appear closer, pressure builds up. Under this stress, students have an intrinsic motivation to perform thus they prepare harder, focus more, prioritize their tasks and put in their best in the last mile towards SAT test prep. Hence it is better to enroll for the test rather than sit passive and do nothing at all.

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