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Preparing your Child for Standardized Tests

Parents, family, and the environment at home help children to be prepared for:

  1. Standardized tests like the SCAT, CogAT, SAT, PSAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, and more
  2. Any eventuality or crisis that can hinder their child’s academic progress
  3. To be successful and happy in life
  4. To identify and appreciate what matters in life

Parents’ role is crucial:

Preparation for living successfully starts right from the time a child is born, not just when the child is preparing and attempting a standardized test to join a preferred institution.

It’s no a hidden secret that children learn not merely by instruction but mainly by imitating the adults around them.

Everything depends on the adults at home to lead children on the right path.

The key to knowledge is to have a desire for knowledge. Without desire, children will not have the mind to focus on anything in life.

It is the greatest responsibility of the parents to create space, desire, and aptitude for their future success.

How can we do it?

Firstly, the atmosphere or the environment in which children live and are brought up does matter more than their school and education.

  • Children should be encouraged to question and challenge the ideas, ideals, and expressions of adults. Only when they are free and fearless to reveal their thoughts, they can be true to themselves.
  • Keeping an open mind is crucial for allowing children to grow in a sustainable environment.
  • Being judgmental about the actions of others will create conflicts and bias in the minds of children.
  • Tolerance and empathy should be practiced in all activities whether it is trivial or serious.
  • Children should be encouraged to explore and appreciate the efforts, not for the results.
  • Parents need to tell stories or read at least. (to awaken curiosity and to think and dream.)
  • Parents should instill the reading habits in children through their own reading and by buying books even when they do not know reading or alphabet.
  • Engage children in constructive leisure activities by making it fun and sportive.
  • Discuss and debate books, authors, news, and events whenever the family gathers (encourages analytical and critical skills.
  • Identify the passion of children and help them to channel their energy towards their passion. Bribe children with more reading material when they finish.
  • Get involved in their leisure activities, reading, and also studies. Take extra interest because their future depends on what you do now.
  • Reading is not only enough. Everyone who reads should keep diaries to jot down the title, author, and summary in a few sentences and the date they read that particular work. Children should be encouraged to write whether they liked it or not and why. They should be urged to write this part in honesty.
  • Whenever there is a book on which a movie is made, parents need to help them read first and then they need to provide them with the movie so that they can visualize what they read.
  • Dining time is good for discussions on challenging questions about a specific work or event that happened recently. Their discussion should reveal their actual opinion rather than what others might expect.

All of these will help them to learn to express their thoughts clearly which is necessary for writing.

The major element is to rouse curiosity and yearn for exploration.

Every week, families can have meetings to exchange the gist of what everyone read and learn from what each one read.

Children need parents and family members especially at this age because children experience pressure from their peers, the community, and the country. Children cannot rise and shine unless adults take their hand and lead them on in taking initial steps into the complicated life that awaits every one of them.

If parents do not help, children could end up in undesirable places without a proper model.

Preparation for Standardized Tests

All of the above will take the children towards a positive progression in life and their academic path.

  • Their mind will understand how they should prepare.
  • Their minds will be flexible to follow the instructors.
  • They will be happy to realize their dreams and ambitions.
  • Nothing could stand between children and success.
  • Their attitude to education and life will make them happy.
  • Happiness is the pillar of the well-being of children.

With such children, when they practice, they become perfect.

eTutorWorld is the only organization that provides the right combination of example, instruction, and practice to become perfect.

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To reiterate, the practice should start at home and be strengthened during instruction in sessions dedicated to practicing the tests, the patterns, and strategies.

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