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In the summer break, as children stop actively learning at home, they lose a good amount of knowledge they had absorbed before the break. This phenomenon is also known as summer slide, brain drain, and summer learning loss and is reported by teachers across the globe.

Statistics suggest that children lose up to 2 months of reading skills and 2.5 months of math skills during the summer break. And when they return to school, they and their teachers require almost 6 weeks to cover the gaps and get back on track.

Over the years, an average student accumulates a loss of almost 2 years if the learning loss is not covered right after the summer break. This loss is greater and grave at the higher grade levels.

A summer online tutoring program can effectively tackle the summer slide and ensure that children stay on track with their academics. Following are some FAQs that we have answered to help you make a calculated decision about online summer tutoring programs.

Q – Will online tutoring help my child academically? Is it effective?

A – Several studies on the topic have proven that online tutoring can be as effective as in-person tutoring. However, its effectiveness depends on the lesson plan, the experience of the tutor, and the teaching methodology followed by the tutoring platform.

To find the best online tutoring services, look for referrals and recommendations. Also, do not forget to take a free trial. Experience the teaching methodology yourself, ask questions, check for your child’s comfort level and then take a call. It is rare but it is possible that your child does not respond well to online tutoring but thrives with in-person tutoring.

Q – Is online tutoring cheaper?

A – Online tutoring is not cheaper than in-person tutoring but it can help you save money in terms of gas. Since you do not have to drive across the town so that your child can attend an online tutoring class, you will save money on gas. It will also save a lot of commutation time which can be used to study or to learn a new skill.

Q – What type of gadgets does my child require for online tutoring?

A – Online tutoring platforms are pretty simple. Most will need you to have a working Desktop or Laptop and a good, stable internet connection. Your child can also attend the classes on a tablet or a phone. The main things needed for online tutoring are a good device that has a working camera, good-quality audio, and a clear and big screen. Some other tools that might be needed are a mouse, a keyboard, and a stylus in case of a tablet.

Q – Can summer courses prevent learning loss?

A – Summer learning loss, also known as summer setback or summer slide, is common among children of all age groups. It is the phenomenon where the students return to school with a lower academic level after the summer break. A summer course can prevent learning loss by engaging children over the summer weeks. Studies have shown that only 2-3 hours of study per week can prevent the damage caused by the summer break, to a huge extent.

Q – What is the qualification of tutors on eTutorWorld?

A – All the tutors at eTutorWorld come with an excellent academic record and at least 5 years of teaching experience. We collaborate only with individuals who have a passion for teaching and know-how to simplify concepts and can effectively communicate over the internet. At eTutorWorld, you will find that all the tutors have a college degree and 85% of them have an additional degree. Last but not the least, all the teachers on the platform start teaching only after they have completed a rigorous 2-week training by online tutoring experts at eTutorWorld.

Q – Will the summer course be customized according to my child’s learning pace?

A – Yes, we will customize the summer course according to your child’s learning pace and the diagnostic test. This test is conducted at the beginning of the course to understand a child’s skills, strong areas, weak points, and overall potential. We also share this report with parents and invite them to discuss changes in the lesson plan and the timeline. So, you are free to tell us which topics have been bothering your child and if you would like us to pay extra attention to certain lessons.


It’s almost time for the summer break. Whether your child was attending school in-person or online sessions, their schedule is going to change. While it’s ok to not have a schedule for some time, you cannot let the studies take a hit for a month or two.

An online summer tutoring plan can provide the much-needed schedule during the summer break. It can also help your child retain the knowledge from the previous year and gear up for the upcoming grade.

eTutorWorld has created innovative summer programs that can be customized according to your child’s needs. We are offering 8-week summer courses in English, Science, and Math, across all grades and they will be taught by some of the highly experienced, subject matter experts (SMEs). Head to the Summer Course to learn more about our lesson plans, timelines, and packages.

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