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It’s now time for a brand-new academic session, it’s time to head back to the beloved school that has been sorely missed for more than a year now. 2021-22 academic year is the year of post-pandemic challenges at every level. We need to prepare our children for a new school setup, a new environment that has been created to tackle the spread of COVID-19 on the premises.

Here’s a quick list of essentials that will help your child navigate the complications of this year. It includes everything from face masks to a positive attitude.

Back-to-School Checklist

2021 fall session is going to be all about sanitizers, social distancing, and probably no recess. But still, there are plenty of things that you can pack in your child’s backpack to ensure they have a good and positive year ahead.

Cloth Supplies

Uniforms or clothes make up for most of the shopping list. Children grow faster than we would like them to grow and hence, you can’t move ahead without a last-minute dash through the mall. If your school has a uniform, do not forget to buy small but crucial things like socks and ties.  

Stationery Supplies

Now, this is a no-brainer. We are sure you have a huge list of stationery supplies that include everything from the fancy, glittery glue stick to the brand-new boxes of pencils and tissues. Before you head out shopping, please drop in a mail to your homeroom teacher and ask for recommendations.

Face Masks and Sanitizer

Face masks and sanitizers are the staples that must be purchased right along with the supplies. There are many fancy options available now that can be purchased both online and offline. While you consider fancy styles and designs, be very mindful of the effectiveness of these products.

If you have little ones at home, you must teach them the etiquette related to these new supplies. You can also consider investing in disinfectant wipes, anti-microbial desk pads, and sprays.

Attitude Essentials for the Fall Session

Now, let’s talk about some skills and attributes that need to go to school on your child’s backpack.

Revision of Old Lessons

Students cannot have a great new year at school if they have forgotten important lessons from the previous year. So, revision or relearning is an important activity that has to be taken up before schools reopen. Summer courses or back-to-school courses are a great way of achieving this feat along with the summer fun.

Organizational Skills

Organizational skills are very important for ensuring a productive new academic year. Students must be taught to arrange their school work and homework properly. The same should be applied to the desk at school and home. You can also introduce ideas such as a separate box for graded assignments and projects. Start with a simple to-do list to prioritize tasks and kickstart the new year on the right note.


The pandemic has resulted in a lot of learning loss. For older children, it has presented itself in the form of missing important topics, for younger ones it has wreaked havoc in the form of bad handwriting, missing basics, and issues with reading skills. All these can be overcome only with discipline and persistent efforts. Furthermore, attendance is of utmost importance this year. Students must be encouraged to attend school regularly, to avoid any further learning losses.

Positive Attitude

This year, children need some extra cheering as they head back to school. They will need both guidance and support to get used to a school that looks the same but feels different. Parents and teachers will have to tailor the support according to a child’s need and to achieve good results. The best way out is to talk. Help your child emote their feelings about school, let them talk about their discomforts, and encourage them to be vocal about their worries.

2021-22 is going to bring with a plenty of firsts. It is going to be a bitter-sweet session at its best and therefore, it is important to prep differently. Ditch the conventional back-to-school approach and fill your children’s backpacks with loads of trust, self-confidence, and positivity.

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