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Hoorah! Festive season is here. Winter vacations are starting and it is time for
celebrations. Soak up the festivity with fun, activity, experiments and ‘Do It Yourself’
middle school science fair projects. What fun it is to see science in action! You all
can turn into wizards at work, learning without books. Aren’t your eyes already full of
excitement to see creativity and ideas blooming into project work?

Children find it difficult to memorize information with lengthy textual descriptions. Project work, tabulation as well as diagrams are an aid to memorizing and recall. Middle schoolers long for the periodic science fair. They prepare their fair projects after researching over the internet, discussing with friends, incorporating suggestions from educationalists and with parental support. It has its own fervor and enthusiasm. The preparation for science fair projects for 7th grade or higher grades calls for meticulous planning, hard work, dedication and team spirit. Students also learn the fine art of budgeting, sourcing raw material, time management and resourcefulness.

Students often select challenging fair projects and develop a sense of achievement on successful completion and submission of project. These fairs have turned out to be cradles of nurturing scientific temper. Schools therefore encourage maximum
participation in these fairs for students to display and explain their middle school
science projects.

The internet is flooded with a wide range of wonderful ideas for projects. Students who have enrolled for online tutoring with organizations like eTutorWorld.com reach out to professionals to help them shortlist the projects based on the students’ interest and available time.

Here are a few science fair projects for 8th grade and 7th grade that are simple and easy:

Health Projects: Middle school science fair projects help in developing the student’s
perspective about health and are easy to perform like the one described below:

1. Project On How Sugary Drinks Affect Teeth:

  • Take six eggs. Apply tooth paste on three of these.
  • Take six cups. Place three cups on your left, the other three on your right.
  • In each cup to your left place an egg which has been brushed with toothpaste. In each cup to your right place an egg which has not been brushed with tooth paste.
  • Label first cup on the left as ‘effect of water on brushed teeth’, second cup as ‘effect of cola on brushed teeth’ and third cup as ‘effect of juice on brushed teeth’.
  • Label the first cup on the right as ‘effect of water on unbrushed teeth’,
    second cup as ‘effect of cola on unbrushed teeth’ and third cup as ‘effect of juice on unbrushed teeth’.
  • Fill the two cups with ‘water-label’ with water. Similarly fill the two cups with ‘cola-label’ with cola. Fill the two cups with ‘juice-label’ with juice.
  • Leave them overnight.
  • Tabulate the observations!It would be interesting to see significant discoloration of egg shells with cola and juice. Discoloration would be higher in unbrushed eggs rather than those that had been brushed with tooth paste.

2. Chemistry/Physics/ Science Fair Projects For 8th Grade:

Make needle-like crystals in just a few hours using the following procedure:
● Take 1/2 cup of Epsom salt (Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate) and a few drops of food color.
● Create a saturated solution in a cup by stirring Epsom salt with 1/2 cup of hot tap water for at least one minute. Add a few drops of food coloring. Put the cup in the refrigerator. Check on it in a few hours to see beautiful crystals! Drain off the remaining solution.

3. Offbeat Science Fair Projects For 7th Grade:

The following magnet and maze experiment demonstrates that magnetic waves can travel without physical contact:
● Draw a maze on a paper.
● Keep an iron bead at one end of the puzzle.
● Take a magnetic stick.
● Ask students to lead the bead from one edge of the maze to the other without touching the bead. This is done by placing the magnetic stick from under the paper.

Aren’t these projects fun? Projects like these would help you further your interest in science and technology. With better concept clarity and adequate academic knowledge, you can be on top of the class. Are you ready to see the wonders of online tutoring? Log on to www.eTutorWorld.com to unleash your hidden potential in English, science and math. Get started by scheduling a free trial session right away this winter vacation!

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