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May I have a solution of Nacl and C12H22O11 with H2O as the solvent, before stepping out to inhale some O2”?

What if someone spoke to you in the language of Chemistry? When translated to simple English you would only be asked for a glass of water with a pinch of salt and sugar before she steps out for some oxygen!

Welcome to the world of Chemistry. Replacing a few substance names with their Chemical formulae sounded fun. Yes, fun it should remain, but rarely so for many, as most students find themselves entangled in the realms of Chemistry, with words becoming formulae and sentences becoming equations. Not only do they find it difficult to understand and balance chemical equations, they are often unable to do their home assignments on their own. The need of the hour is an Online Chemistry tutor, who is none less than a genie available at the click of a mouse! Is it too good to be true? The fact is that, with the infusion of technology in our lives, more and more students the world over are mastering the Chemistry of Chemistry with a good online tutor!

The Mystery of Chemistry:  Chemistry as a subject requires a clear understanding of concepts and memorizing chemical names, atomic numbers, chemical reactions and what not. Many students drop out at the initial stages and a few others move on to the next grade with a poor understanding of fundamental concepts. This could be because of not enough time devoted by students on the subject, inadequate practice, monotony and boredom, ineffective teaching aids and redundant content,. For a student to be successful a higher set of goals have to be set and the onus is on Chemistry tutors to achieve them. The good news is that these tutors are tutoring online with a global reach, as a part of organizations like eTutorWorld where you can try before you buy.

eTutorWorld, The Choice for Home TutoringeTutorWorld opens up the world of personal tutoring from the comfort zone of your own home. You can now be a part of our ongoing personalized e-tutoring programs in Math, Science, English and Test Prep to derive the benefits of the very popular interactive learning sessions. With the help of Online Chemistry Tutor you will surely start enjoying Chemistry within a few sessions. eTtutorWorld’s Online Chemistry tutor has already mentored and tutored many students before you. An online tutor makes this entire exercise of learning really easy, enjoyable and interactive by customized home tutoring for all classes. It employs basic, easy to understand, learning tools like an interactive whiteboard with a voice based learning session and by using the chat options.

eTutorWorld also offers every student printable practice worksheets after every Chemistry session to solve at their ownpace. The Chemistry Tutor guides you on your next session when you get stuck with a problem on your home-work. He would also evaluate your answers and give you a feedback to help you improve further.  All worksheets are grade specific which have been specifically designed to meet the international standards across all schools. The entire program is systematic, logical with adequate revision till the time the student understands and , becomes competent in basic and advanced chemical concepts and theory. The curriculum itself is so designed to help students to be on top of their class as well as to prepare them for standardized exams. The curriculum is updated regularly to follow the current syllabi. Feedback from students and parents are analyzed, used to update and modify study programs to ensure bettereducation to the future citizens of the world.

Be a part of the winning edge! Hone your skills in Chemistry, enjoy and discover the chemical reactions and laws of Chemistry by scheduling a free online demo session with an Online Chemistry tutor at www.etutorworld.com

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