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Let your child reach for the Stars with Test Prep Practice!

February is a happening month with special events like Valentines Day, Chinese New Year and the President’s Day. It is also that time of the year when students begin focusing on their Prep for Standardized Tests.

eTutorWorld now makes that easier for you. To add to our online Free-for-all worksheets, we recently launched Premium SCAT & SSAT Online worksheets and Full Length Tests across all test levels. Access these worksheets by registering on www.etutorworld.com.

Features of eTutorWorld SCAT & SSAT Practice Sheets & Tests:

  • Separate practice for each SCAT/SSAT level
  • Immediate Online Access after purchase
  • Choice of Verbal and Quantitative Learning Packs
  • Choice of Individual, Basic and Intensive Learning Packs
  • Unique proprietary content modeled on the actual SCAT/SSAT
  • Three month Online access
  • ‘Timed’ Full Length Tests to replicate actual test environment
  • Display of raw scores, corrected answers and explanations on completion of every test
  • Online Student Progress Reports and Learning History


eTutorWorld expert tutors are pivotal to its niche Online Tutoring and Test Prep Help Services. In an effort to maintain our high standards, Individual Tutor Refresher Courses were held. Update of tutoring skills and self-improvement were the highlights of this course.

The eTutorWorld home page too was refurbished giving it a new fresh look & making it convenient for visitors to view from any device. Click Here


Get Top Scores in Standardized Tests

Standardized tests like the SCAT, SSAT, ISEE, SAT & PSAT assess students on their mathematical ability, reading skills, verbal reasoning and writing expertise. Students have their own way of dealing with preparation when it comes to exams. While there is no universal determinant for achieving success, but, here are some tips that can help you better your test scores.

1. Why this Test? – Understand how the test will help achieve your academic goals. This will encourage you to take a sincere attempt at the test.


2. Have a Plan – A Structured & an organized plan for Test Prep helps in more ways than one. Adhering to the plan is as essential.


3. Take Time-out –  Recreational activities are important for a healthy & active brain; so play games, go for a walk and exercise for an active mind and a refreshed spirit.


4. Practice with Fast Math Tricks – Speed is the key to doing well on Standardized Tests. Learning and practicing with some short & fast math tricks helps save those vital minutes during an exam. 


5. Improve your Vocabulary – Good English vocabulary is imperative to scoring well on the verbal, reading & writing sections of any Standardized Tests. So make the Dictionary your best friend!


Get set for the Test with all your energy and consciousness of a bright career ahead.


What is different on the new SAT?

The new SAT debuts next month. Lets look at the nuanced changes that have been made. The changes have been incorporated to make way for testing real life ability to handle situations and face crisis.


SAT Writing:

  1. The essay is at the end of the paper.
  2. The time limit has been increased to 50 minutes.
  3. The essay is not mandatory now.
  4. Essay results will be reported separately.

SAT Reading:

  1. Added emphasis on Reading.
  2. Evidence based reading & writing.
  3. More importance to Vocabulary with added emphasis on the tone and the impact of the word.
  4. Analysis of the situation in a passage & answer questions based on it.

SAT Math and Reasoning:

  1. Inclusion of multi-step problems.
  2. Trigonometry is on the plate now.
  3. One section has calculators banned.
  4. More emphasis on reasoning to test a student’s response in real situations.

SAT Overall:

  1. No penalty for wrong answers.
  2. The overall score reporting will range from 400 to 1600.
  3. Four answer choices instead of five.


Hope February 2016 is full of love, joy and success for you.

Our support staff is available 24/7 to help you get answers & solutions to all your questions.

With Best Wishes & Love for this Valentine’s Day

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