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At eTutorWorld, we take every student’s academics seriously – which is why our Learning by Design™ methodology has benefited thousands of students over the years. What differentiates eTutorWorld from the rest is this very methodology that offers our students the very best of online tutoring.

What are the various factors that go into our Learning by Design methodology?

  1. img-pyramidConvenience – Our scheduling system allows for careful decision-making in terms of time and student suitability, with our tutors available in a variety of time slots entirely designed around each student’s individual pace.
  2. Student-Tutor Matching – What’s more, once each student develops a rapport with a tutor, our programs allow for ongoing student-tutor matching for an optimal 1-to-1 personalized learning experience. All this, and more, from the comfort and safety of home!
  3. Diagnostic Test – Every new registrant goes through the eTutorWorld Diagnostic test that is part of the first free lesson: a tool that gauges every student’s individual competence levels, as well as ascertaining areas that might need improvement so we can tailor each personalized learning experience to deliver truly customized attention.
  4. Customizable Learning Packages – Several factors influence our products package: the academic calendar, timely intervention during tests and other like periods of priority, summer specials, back to school prep, lesson packages, and test packages – the works. You can see why both students and parents love eTutorWorld!
  5. Choice – Each student can either choose to focus on overall grade level tutoring, or specialize entirely in one subject.
  6. Supplemental Learning – eTutorWorld offers standardized test prep tutoring for SSAT, SCAT, AP, ISEE, SAT, and CAHSEE.
  7. Offline Enrichment – Plenty of topic and concept specific practice worksheets available for download or online access! Online Mock Tests that simulate actual tests for a real-time experience and confidence-building.

After years of employing Learning by Design in our tutoring, we can confidently say that our methodologies better engage students for deeper learning and assimilation of concepts. This organically leads to higher development of cognitive, creative, and communication skills. Check out the pyramid that demonstrates your child’s pinnacle-reaching abilities with eTutorWorld’s Learning by Design methodology.

Give your child the gift of Learning by Design today!

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