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Kindergarten years are crucial for a child’s emerging language and literacy skills. Children have an inherent curiosity that propels them to ask questions and learn at this age. Hence, it imperative that they have access to structured, age-appropriate resources and impactful guidance from trained early learning professionals. In absence of one or both of these may result in a wobbly foundation that may come in the way of stellar academic performance in later stages.

Do kindergarten students struggle with their lessons? Yes, they do. We may laugh and say how can someone struggle with kindergarten reading, but it’s true because kindergarten is not just about ABCs and Numbers. It’s also about social interactions, communication, emotional growth, and learning key skills like following a routine and accepting authority. An issue with any one of these can negatively impact their learning.

Moreover, learning ABCs and 123s is also a tedious task at that age. Kindergarten numbers and phonics for kindergarten can easily boggle young minds. Read on to understand the key strategies that can pilot their progress in the right direction.

Key Learning Strategies for Kindergarteners

Learning Routine

Kindergarten is the year when children transition from all play to academics becoming a part of their routine. This transition has to be smooth for a child to accept it and understand its importance. While schools provide a disciplined learning routine and ambiance, parents must also make an effort to make academics a part of their home life. A study table in the corner of their room and a fixed time for reading comprehension for kindergarten or kindergarten numbers is mostly what is needed at this age to kickstart a lifelong predisposition for learning.

Hybrid Learning

Today’s generation is born with gadgets. Some of the little ones are more tech-savvy than their parents and teachers. To connect with such technologically advanced minds, it is important to employ hybrid learning, right at the kindergarten level. Teachers and parents must find a balance between the traditional methods of learning and modern methods that use the power of the internet. Educators and caregivers have to open up to the idea of a kindergarten virtual classroom.

Parental Involvement

Several studies have shown that children perform well when parents get involved in their academics. This is true for all age groups including the kindergarten. When parents sit down with their children to complete an assignment or affirm their learning with simple activities at home such as practicing phonics of kindergarten, children feel motivated to do better. While all parents can’t get immersed in their children’s academics, some level of involvement is highly recommended.

Individual Learning Pace

The school system has a structure and even kindergarteners have to go through some basic assessments but not every kindergartener may perform at the same level. Some children may pick up kindergarten numbers in just a few weeks while others may take one complete year to match up. Indeed, every child learns differently and that is why kindergarten teachers and parents have to employ unique teaching methodologies to provide an individualized learning pace.

While this sounds impossible to achieve at the school with so many children in one class, slowly and surely our educators are trying to take relevant actions both in terms of classwork and homework. Parents are also expected to walk away from comparison and offer an encouraging learning environment at home.

Kindergarten Tutoring

Tutoring is a great way of providing much-needed help to kindergarteners. One of the most important things that it can give to little minds is personal attention. Kindergarten tutoring can be both face-to-face and online. Several online platforms offer online tutoring to kindergarteners and one of them is eTutorWorld. With eTutorWorld, your child can enjoy personalized lessons with a reading tutor for kindergarten and that too without stepping out of the home.

Kindergarten Tutoring at eTutorWorld

eTutorWorld offers personalized, interactive, one-on-one tutoring for kindergarteners. We have a team of early education experts, who create personalized lesson plans according to a child’s learning requirements. Every session has 50-55 minutes and the best thing is that these sessions can be divided into two, to cover two subjects in one session.

Our Kindergarten Tutoring Program is based on the Common Core Code. We cover ELA and Math and personalized lesson plans that are filled with age-appropriate activities, media interactions, and interactive sessions with highly trained and experienced kindergarten teachers. Head to our kindergarten page today to learn more and register your child for our efficacious kindergarten tutoring program.

Kindergarten is step 1 of the school; therefore, it has to be strong. Consider the points listed here and help your child put a firm foot forward towards formal schooling. If you notice any learning issues or gaps at this stage, do not take them lightly. Yes, your child may catch up in some time but that might be too late with ongoing lessons. Start kindergarten tutoring today to watch your child match pace with peers with some extra but potent guidance.

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