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With over a billion students learning from home due to the lockdown restrictions imposed as a result of COVID-19, online education has never been more important. However, not all kids are in favor of learning from home. Not only are there too many distractions to avoid, but the attention spans, especially of the younger ones, aren’t designed for online learning. That said, kids have no choice when it comes to their education this year, so it’s up to parents to establish ways through which their kids continue to learn without a break.

7 strategies for better results in online learning

1. Instill the habit of reading

Many say that reading goes a long way towards helping kids form their own thoughts and opinions. It also helps in developing comprehension skills. Most kids who find it hard to read on a regular basis, also have a hard time learning new topics and concepts. Instilling the habit of reading in your K-12 student can make it easier for your kids to process information as they grow older. Give your kids their freedom to choose their own reading material and suggest books that can help them further develop their reasoning. Developing the habit of reading at a young age can make online learning less stressful your child. You can also enroll them into an online reading group for better results.

2. Give them control over their learning process

When kids feel like they are controlled by their parents and compelled to learn things, they tend to withdraw from learning. As a parent, you must guide them as they learn, and, at the same time, allow them to control their own learning process. Provide them with multiple choices to make them feel more involved. For instance, if they have a writing assignment, allow them to pick their own topic. You can also allow them to pick their own extracurricular activities as it will give them more control over their learning.

3. Don’t underestimate the importance of communication

Encouraging open communication allows children to express their thoughts and opinions about their education. The more comfortable kids feel with their parents/teachers, the more they will express their likes and dislikes, thereby allowing you to focus on ways to improve their learning process.

4. Understand their interests

The key to cementing K-12 education in children is understanding their interests. When your child is learning at home, engaging them in their areas of interests can make learning more fun. Encourage your child to explore subjects and topics they find interesting as it will help them learn in a more effective and fulfilling manner.

5. Implement different kinds of learning

Each child is different and learns differently from others. Considering there are various styles of learning, such as visual, verbal, solitary, social, physical, auditory and logical, using two or more styles will help you figure out which style best suits your child. This, in turn, can not only make online learning more rewarding, but can also lay the foundation for their education in the future.

6. Consider game-based learning

There are many advantages to using game-based learning to enhance your kids’ learning threshold at home. It helps in developing your child’s non-cognitive skills and motivates them to learn. Game-based learning allows your child to experience learning through entertainment. Since kids are usually more attentive when playing games than in a classroom, you can use game-based learning to your advantage.

7. Encourage organization

To improve your kids’ learning threshold at home, it is crucial to teach them the importance of being organized. Whether it is their stationery, papers, or assignments, developing the habit of organizing their materials can help them become more focused, and subsequently improve their learning process.

It’s only normal for parents to find it hard to cater to their kids’ academic needs while attending to their own responsibilities. If your child needs help with online learning, there are plenty of online tutoring services to help your child stay on top of their academics during these testing times. Don’t hesitate to find an expert online tutor to improve your child’s learning threshold at home.

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