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Well begun is half done! Isn’t it?

Are you nervous or excited about your first session of online tutoring?

Here are a few tips on How To Prepare For your First Free Tutoring Session:

  1. Keep your stationery ready like paper, pencils, erasers and geometry kit.
  2. Charge your laptop. Be aware of the sockets in the room, keep the laptop power chord handy, check if the length of the cable will stretch from socket to the study area.
  3. Keep a calculator ready if you are to meet an online math tutor.
  4. Prepare your study desk. Cater for place to keep your laptop or computer and writing material at the same time.
  5. Tidy up your work place, remove material that may not be required like used cups and plates.
  6. Check if your internet connection is uninterrupted and bandwidth is adequate. In case of failure of your regular Internet connection, see if an alternate arrangement like a accessing your mobile data connection is feasible.
  7. Check if the laptop is not nearing its storage capacity that slows it down or it becomes difficult to download free worksheets and other educational resource material.
  8. Recheck your schedule and availability for the Free session to ensure it does not coincide with a play date, doctor’s appointment or any other school event. Cater for half an hour free time as a buffer before the class to rule out delays in starting in case you are tight on your schedule.
  9. Mark the date of your first online tutoring session on a calendar. Keep a reminder on your cellphone. Set a timer or an alarm to go off 15 minutes in advance to prepare you for the session on the actual day.
  10. Inform family and friends of your exclusive pre booked time with eTutorWorld so they too respect it and there is minimal disturbance for the duration of the online tutoring session.
  11. Have a word with siblings so that they do not distract you for your attention or compete with your time.
  12. If you have shared with your friends about free session and they are interested, inform eTutorWorld well in advance. You may pass on the details of your friends to the organization and the experts would be happy to contact your friends and schedule a session for them.
  13. Do not invite them for the free tutoring session at your place as it may distract the tutor as well as you. However in the event of a friend attending the session with you, it is advised that you inform the tutor of her presence.
  14. Keep your phone off or let a family member attend to calls at that time.
  15. Ensure you have a good night’s sleep and are well rested before the session commences for better concentration and assimilation of subject matter.
  16. Go over your syllabus and course contents so you can convey the tutor about your expectations from the session.
  17. If there is a particular subject, topic or concept that you wish to be taken up, you may let the tutor know well in advance. The topic could be something of your interest or it may be an area of difficulty or something that you have missed at school. Free worksheets will be sent to you after every online tutoring session to assimilate and evaluate learned concepts.
  18. Keep water bottle handy. Finish up with your snack time and wash room breaks before the class.
  19. If you use spectacles or hearing aids, keep them ready.
  20. Check if the room lighting and sound is to your comfort. If any maintenance work like drilling is planned for your room try to schedule it at another time.
  21. If there are any inadvertent changes and you are not able to make it for the free tutoring session as planned, let the eTutorWorld team know of the same.
  22. Check if your laptop’s mic and speaker is functioning fine and you are well versed with its controls. It is a good idea to have a good anti-virus software installed.
  23. System updates can make the laptop unavailable for over an hour. Suggest do not shut down your laptop prior to the session if an update is due as ‘Update and Start’ may take a long time.
  24. If you have any questions, then jot them down. We encourage questions and would be happy to resolve them during the live session or would revert with a suitable response.
  25. Log on to www.eTutorWorld to know us better!
  26. Feel free, relax and enjoy your first free session.
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