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 In an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19, schools across the country have moved their schedules online. Moreover, most parents also find themselves working remotely in keeping with social distancing protocols. At times like these when online education takes the driver’s seat, it may be difficult to keep your middle-schooler focused on his/her academics.

But, here are few tips to ensure that your child is learning and being productive at home: 

  1. Follow a routine: Changing routines is often stressful. Creating a new routine for your middle-schooler and ensuring that they get used to following it makes it easier for them to remain focused. A simple routine could include setting a certain time for waking up, having breakfast, attending online classes/studying, having lunch, exercising, having a snack, etc. When the whole family follows the routine, it becomes easier for your middle-schooler to keep up with it, thereby eliminating lethargy. 
  1. Establish a dedicated study space: Even something as common as a dining table can be turned into a study. You can sit with your children at the table and do your work while they do their own. Establishing a dedicated space will create a routine for your middle-schooler, thus enabling him/her to better focus on academic assignments. At the same time, you will be around to make sure that they aren’t distracted. 
  1. Manage screen time: The use of social media and the internet in general has increased significantly during the lockdown. It is crucial to manage your middle-schooler’s screen time to keep them focused. Make sure that their use of social media is limited and primarily used to stay in touch with their friends and loved ones rather than aimlessly scrolling for entertainment. You could also use social media platforms and watch videos together with your middle-schooler, as it can help you better understand them and the kind of content that interests them. 
  1. Regular breaks and activities: With no school to attend every day, it is only normal for kids to feel restless. Taking regular breaks between productive hours can go a long way towards helping them find balance. Besides spending time on technology, you must encourage your middle-schooler to read and exercise. Doing certain activities together as a family can help them feel less stressed and more involved, thereby enabling them to focus on their studies. 
  1. Consider an e-learning program: The online education industry has been recording unprecedented growth in recent months. You can enroll your child in a K-12 online tutoring course of their choice and help them develop new skills. Since there is more free time than usual during these times, an e-learning course provides additional room for growth. A K-12 online tutoring course for math or science can make it easier for your child to grasp concepts they find hard to understand at school, and ensure that they’re on track to complete their curriculum. 
  1. Experiment and explore: You could try introducing your middle-schooler to a variety of indoor activities to see what interests them. You could either teach them the skills you have, or find online courses through which they can learn to paint, play music, dance, cook, or do anything else they like. Experimenting with several activities can help you identify those that interest your middle-schooler, thereby allowing you to further explore their talent in these fields. 

Although these are unprecedented times, and they can be especially difficult if you have a middle-schooler at home, there are always things you can do and activities you can engage in so that your middle-schooler remains focused on their education. A K-12 online tutoring course is a great option to ensure that your child doesn’t experience a slide in their academics, but instead makes the most of e-learning courses and develops new skills that can come in handy over the years.  


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