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Teachers, parents, and students were anxious about learning in the time of a pandemic until the concept of hybrid learning provided them with some respite. While some school districts have resumed regular classes, albeit tentatively, others have opted for a hybrid learning model where conventional classroom experiences and modern remote learning techniques are blended to cater to K-12 students across the country. Either way, things are not the same as they were in previous years.

How to make the most of hybrid learning

Here are a few tips to get ahead in the new school year with hybrid learning:

  1. Undertake a formal reflection of the previous year

It is advised that parents and children partake in self-reflection at the end of each school year to better prepare for the upcoming one. It is crucial to know what worked last year, and what didn’t. Discussing this with your child can go a long way towards helping them mentally prepare for the new school year. Since things are different this year, reflect on the changes between conventional education and online learning to ensure your child is mentally prepared for the months ahead.

2. Find opportunities for social learning

Among the many things the pandemic has brought to light, is that tending to all aspects of a child’s growth is a daunting prospect. Parents were used to their kids developing their social and academic skills at school, but with kids at home these days, parents are left with a lot on their plates. There is no doubt that kids learn better in the presence of their peers, so using every opportunity you get to enable them to learn socially can help achieve better results. Online learning in virtual classrooms or pandemic pods will not only ensure that your child continues learning without a break, but will also offer room for social interactions, albeit online. Zoom, FaceTime and other conferencing apps can be used to encourage your child to do their assignments and schoolwork with friends and classmates.

  1. Don’t forget about physical activity

Research shows that the academic performances of K-12 students can improve with an increase in physical fitness. Students who are more active during the summer tend to be more ready for the new school year. Since kids have been stuck at home during the pandemic, simple routines such as yoga or daily walks can help kids perform better at their studies. Along with your child’s hybrid learning curriculum, dedicate time for physical activities on a daily basis to maintain a healthy balance between their minds and bodies.

  1. Dedicate time to practice math and reading

Enrolling your child into a virtual classroom for reading can help them develop comprehension and critical thinking skills. Virtual reading groups also enable kids to build their own opinions and share them with other members of the group, thereby helping them have meaningful interactions regarding interesting topics. Similarly, virtual classrooms for math can help them reinforce basic math concepts while improving their executive functioning skills and financial literacy.

  1. Remember the importance of communication

While some kids have adapted to hybrid learning with relative ease, others are finding it hard to do the same. Open communication with your child can help you find out how they are transitioning to hybrid learning and what excites them and what concerns them. Allow your child to express their concerns and fears openly. A little assurance goes a long way, so remind them that no matter how difficult times may seem, you will be there to make things easier for them.

Hybrid learning has been considered the most effective academic solution during the pandemic. However, in addition to online learning and virtual classrooms, there are plenty of other things you can do to ensure that your child continues to learn without a break. By keeping these simple tips in mind and enabling your child to better express themselves, hybrid learning can have a positive impact that lasts beyond the pandemic.

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