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Numbers, words, symbols, patterns, sequences…

These are confusing for some, a mammoth task for a few others, a challenge for a handful. These little enigmatic puzzles may intrigue a child at some or the other level of difficulty but each of us can be trained to hack them over time. Online tutors are doing just that with many aspiring students willing to learn, grow and excel!

However, what are the stepping stones to success? Are they knowledge acquisition, processing information and data cramming mastered through hard-work and learning by rote? A robot can be programmed to handle it, right?

Children are not robots. Every child is special and each one has an intellect, a unique talent, aptitude and psychology which is wired in a unique way. Therefore, the education system maps each student’s learning abilities and offers them programs best suited to the individual. Some of these programs include enrichment and acceleration for gifted students. Parents do wonder, how do teachers across United States make the correct student placement decisions?

The CogAT or the Cognitive Ability Test is one of the tests for screening and grading the students with different reasoning and problem solving abilities. It identifies gifted students and students’ learning abilities and gaps. Academicians and parents interpret score profile information to meet students’ learning needs and choose from the available education curriculum and pace of learning from normal, enriched or accelerated amongst other options.

In a quest to provide the best education module to their child, parents are clamoring  for free mock CogAT tests available on the internet. Websites are mushrooming offering mock tests with little or no mentoring to students. This trend is worrisome for parents as they may label the child with the low or average CogAT score. The good news is that, since it is not an IQ test but a Cognitive Ability Test, a student can be prepared to acquire better skills in verbal, quantitative and non-verbal skills. It is here, that parents must approach organizations like eTutorWorld to solve their dilemma of How Do I Help My Child Prepare For A CogAT Test’.

eTutorWorld recognizes that CogAT is a great way to climb the academic ladder and hence offers parents the opportunity to schedule a trial session absolutely free. It offers various online tutoring packages from 5 to 50 sessions to choose from. The intervention and involvement of a live, online tutor helps parents interpret CogAT to understand their child’s cognitive strengths, weaknesses and learning styles. This program at eTutorWorld is gaining popularity because the student’s scores can be improved by providing a healthy learning environment created by research based methodology and experienced tutors. The tutor builds enthusiasm and confidence in students so you can see significant improvement in your child’s CogAT scores. eTutorWorld also prides itself with its wonderfully designed test prep content like CogAT practice tests and worksheets that are online and can be practiced from anywhere, at anytime. Eventually, the real CogAT becomes second nature due to improved confidence and familiarity gained through multiple practice tests.

Active parenting will help nurture your child’s verbal, quantitative and non-verbal abilities at the right stage of brain development and growth. Schedule a free session right away by login onto eTutorWorld and viewing the many online tutoring options!

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