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BTS2It is that time of year when any and every road leads back to school: books, clothes, stationary, accessories, bags, shoes, study hour, home assignments – there isn’t even one minute to sit stationery. (Did we get the two spellings right?)

Amid the rush of going back to school to see friends and teachers, there is also the academic question looming large: how prepared for this year am I?

Here is a handy eTutorWorld compendium of resources on getting your first steps back to school right.

First, get ready to banish those back to school blues. A handy ten-step guide/checklist to help you gain as well as keep momentum as you get ready to ascend the steps of another academic year.

Did you know there are distinct advantages to online learning? First, there is comfort and convenience. Secondly, it teaches you the art of time management – as you set aside hours during your back to school prep weeks, you are essentially putting into practice a discipline for yourself. Thirdly, it has been proven to give your self-motivation and learning abilities a big boost to decide and commit to those hours of online tutorials. And last but not the least (there are several other advantages, but we’ll move on to the most important one) -with the hours you put in for online tutoring prior to going back to school, you give yourself a distinct advantage in terms of your academics for the upcoming year. That is to say, you have done your prep and are now ahead of everyone else in terms of early knowledge.

All these and more are made possible with the eTutorWorld Back to School program in Math, Science and English. You set the pace, you decide the hours, you make the progress – as simple as 1-2-3!

And don’t forget: early birds get a 10% discount (use coupon code BTS10), and a referral also gets you 20$ off.

There are tons of reasons to look forward to going back to school – and eTutorWorld gives you that foundation you need to ace your academics this year!

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