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For children, the end of summer break seems to arrive much faster than its beginning. Many of them enjoy sleeping until late hours of the morning, staying up late with family and friends or going on vacation. Before they know it, it’s once again time to get up early and get on the bus or the car to go back to school.


There are a few ways to help fight the back to school blue that can help make the beginning of the school year a little easier for parents and children.

1. Schedule

In order to get the mind back on a school schedule, children should go to sleep at the time they would when they attend school about a week before the first day. They should perform all of the activities that they would do, such as packing lunches and picking out clothes, so that they know how much time they will need in the evening. A run through should also be done each morning so that no one is rushed on the first day of school.

2. Supplies

Make sure all of the supplies needed for each child are purchased well in advance of when classes start. Stock up on less expensive items, such as notebooks and folders, so that children will have them through the year if something breaks or they run out of paper. It’s also a good idea to start shopping early so that you have the best selections possible. Using books, pencils, crayons and bags from last year will help you save money and also teach your little one to do so.

3. Clothing

There are some schools that require students to wear uniforms. If your children attend a school like this, you need to know what is appropriate and what should be avoided. There are certain clothing items that aren’t allowed even if they are the designated colors by the school. There are some online sites and consignment stores where you can get bargains on school uniforms. If uniforms aren’t required, then go ahead and plan a few outfits for the first week of school.

4. Organization

Try to find ways to stay organized through the school year. Make labels your friends as you put them on items for school lunches, boxes for important papers and extra supplies that might be needed. If children pack their lunch, then consider placing various foods in small containers and letting children pick what they want to take. This will make them feel in charge of their lunch while making sure they have something healthy to take.

5. Planning

Get a head start on learning early in the year. Make a place where children can study and do homework with no interruptions. There should also be a calendar where assignments and projects can be posted.

6. New Classes

Instead of waiting until the first day of school to find out about the class, consider going online tutoring or getting a book at the library about the subject. This can give you a way to understand some of the basic concepts of the subject, especially if it’s a new area of study. Getting started earlier on academics will help you get a head start once school reopens. If needed get help on subjects that you did not fair too well on last year. Detailed explanations and additional practice work on subjects like math, science and English will help your child assimilate better and gain confidence in the classroom.

7. Paperwork

The first few days of school often involve paperwork that needs to be completed and signed. While this is important, it’s also important to make any updates to personal information through the rest of the year. This might include a new cell phone number or a new address.

8. Eating Healthy

Children will usually do better in school if they eat a healthy breakfast in the morning and a healthy dinner at night before getting a good night’s sleep. Try to get children to eat a balanced meal while at home if they don’t eat a lot while at school.

9.  Don’t Worry

The most important thing is to not worry. Everyone will be starting a new grade and making new friends. There will be groups to join and teachers to talk to, so enjoy the beginning of the year so that it leads to the best one yet.

10. After School Activities

Once school starts, so do after-school-activities. Considering different grades have different after school activities and it’s always good to know about the various activities your child can be involved in. Connecting with the school, teachers or some child older than yours will be able to guide and give you tips about these activities. So if your child will be playing after-school-soccer, getting her a pair of soccer shoes at the on-going sale will help you save money and also the trouble of a last-minute-rush.


The first day of school can be intimidating. Getting on a schedule for the year early can make a big difference through the rest of the year. Children should stay healthy by eating properly and sleeping enough at night. If you follow a few simple steps, then the school year can often get off to a beautiful beginning.

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