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When your kids heard of their school being closed due to the COVID-19 threat, they probably thought of it as a forced break similar to a vacation. But you need not worry about education being paused just because schools are closed.

However, you did not plan on becoming a teacher overnight. With continuing education at home now added to your plate, you may be looking at ideas for home-based activities.

With all the things you are already trying to do, helping your children learn doesn’t need to be stressful. Here’s our list of fun learning activities to help your children study during as they enjoy spending extended time at home.

1. If your older children are looking for something to do, let them help the younger ones learn something new. The more they work together on educational fun activities, the better it is for everyone. The older children are happy to be the teacher for some time while the younger ones learn something new.

2. Find a tutor online by visiting reputed websites such as eTutorWorld. If your child is stressed about preparing for an upcoming test or needs extra help in a certain subject area, don’t worry! An expert tutor would be glad to help. Thanks to technology, you do not have to step out of home or change your home routine to get assistance with test prep, fun learning activities, homework help, and more.

3. Finding fun activities to do at home with kids does not have to be a challenge. Exercise is part of education too! Try to find a kids’ dance or exercise video online to get them moving especially If your kids are getting a bit restless.

4. Keep in touch with your child’s teacher through email. She will provide you with several online resources for keeping a social distance without your children missing their lessons. Be sure to check the school’s social media pages as well for any other fun resources you may have missed.

5. Read aloud to your family whenever you manage to catch a break. Pick something that everyone in the family enjoys learning about. Try borrowing ebooks from a local library’s online catalog once you run out of books at home.

Yes! Your routine will turn topsy-turvy due to the pandemic. You can help your children continue their education at home even during this difficult time by keeping them engaged with fun creative activities.

Adjust to the new normal and help the young students at home keep up with their lessons. Contact eTutorWorld without delay and ask for a FREE TRIAL session.

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