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Saint Patrick’s Day, or the Feast of Saint Patrick is the celebration of the foremost patron saint of Ireland, St Patrick. He is often depicted wearing a green attire and holding three-leaved shamrock which symbolizes good luck. Some believe that as Ireland is known as The Emerald Isle’, people wear green to celebrate its foremost saint. In fact, the Chicago river is turned to a bright emerald green only on this day every year using a secret concoction that is released into its waters. Traditionally, St Patrick’s Day is celebrated by wearing shamrocks and green clothing and other accessories. Celebrations are concluded by drinking a cup of cider which has a shamrock at the bottom. Shamrock is either  swallowed or tossed over the shoulder for good luck. But preparation and luck go hand-in-hand. To achieve great academic results, eTutorWorld has launched an SSAT Test Prep for Grades 3-11 students to help them get into their dream schools.   SSAT Free Printable worksheets and Premium Online Practice Tests and Worksheets help understand the test’s composition, layout, format, expected contents and time constraints when solving the Math, Reading, Vocabulary and Writing sections. Grab this opportunity to propel yourself towards success. Enjoy the Luck of the Irish!
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