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Question:      Hey! Is this the time to seek admission to schools or do we have time before the process starts?

Answer:         It doesn’t really matter because it would be wishful thinking to see admissions as a Christmas present! So this surely is the time to start gearing up for SSAT test preparations.

SSAT Practice test: SSAT stands for Secondary School Admission Test which is a standardized test. The test is conducted at centers all over the world with parents and children aspiring to get admissions to independent schools globally. The Elementary level of the SSAT test is for students in Grade 3-4, Middle level is for students in Grade 5-7 while Upper level is for those in Grade 8-11.

The internet has scores of websites laden with information about SSAT Test Prep and SSAT Practice Tests.  Most websites provide information about the topics to prepare on, namely sections on quantitative and verbal skills, and reading and writing abilities. A few sample papers easily available also give parents a fair idea of what to expect in the actual test. Most of these sample papers are abridged and may not be professionally evaluated. The entire effort of gearing up for SSAT Test preparation falls on parents’ shoulders who have the will to work with their children but may not have the know-how to do handle it. Thankfully, parents these days can choose an online tutor from reputed organisations like eTutorWorld who can help their children in their preparations while still enjoying the comfort of one’s own home.

Is it Worthwhile to Seek Professional Advice for SSAT Test Prep?

SSAT is a highly standardized test in the way it is designed, administered worldwide and evaluated. It is because of this that many independent schools, the world over, have accepted it as a prerequisite for their admissions rather than each school devising its own pattern of evaluation. As the test has evolved to be of a globally acceptable standard, so have institutes that offer professional advice and study material.

There is no doubt that the onus is on parents to let the experts take on a major chunk of responsibility in gearing up their children for SSAT Test Preparation. SSAT test prep centers that promise good results do exist. However these are time bound classes with a poor student to tutor ratio, and students often get distracted or lose focus. The instructor might be really intelligent and qualified to explain, but has time targets to meet and a few students who are unable to keep pace may not be able to gain hundred percent from these learning centers. Moreover, travelling regularly to the center is often a challenge for both students and parents. Therefore, online tutoring is the most promising option available.


Gearing up for SSAT Test Preparation with Online Tutors at eTutorWorld: eTutorWorld’s online tutors are experts in SSAT tutoring and mentoring. An entire team of tutors, academicians and counselors cohesively work while each specializes in Math, Science and English as also in skill building in SSAT quantitative, verbal, reading and writing abilities. While interacting with a tutor, the child’s all round development takes place as the child gets real time and personalized attention. This is a complete experience unlike solving an abridged model paper which is merely assessed and graded by a computer!

eTutorWorld’s SSAT test preparatory material, that include short SSAT practice worksheets and SSAT full length tests, are prepared by domain experts who keep themselves abreast with the latest trends and changes. The student while working on the content gains confidence to face the very competitive SSAT test. In addition to this, his skills are honed in related topics which will come in handy in other tests as well as academics at school. The child is given adequate practice topic wise besides consolidated tests on the actual format of SSAT test, unlike the abridged versions of model test papers available online. The tutoring is initially designed to progress with the pace of child’s individual grasping speed but as the child is geared up to face the actual test, the SSAT Practice tests are timed so that the child efficiently manages time allocation to different section of the paper and achieves accuracy and high scores. Catch the moment NOW and log onto www.eTutorworld.com and start gearing up your child for SSAT Test preparations with our online tutors!

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